Best of 2011

By ShoggothShepherd / January 1, 2012

As part of preparation for a new year every serious newsoutlet and video game website had best of 2011 lists. It is not only entertaining but IMPORTANT to remember the past. A philosophy major life icycalm should know the value of metal gear solid: rememberincing (haha videogame joke). Using the scientific method we can conclude that:

1. All reliable, relevant, and entertaining sources of journalism (People, CNN, every significant, video game, TV, etc site) have best of 2011 lists.

2. culture.vag doesnt have one

3. Therefare, culture.vag is not reliable, relevant, or entertaining

4. Fuck this website.

Look, if icy is in eastern time zone IT'S STILL NOT TOOO LATE. I will even help you write the article so your HANFDUL of readers can go into the new year wihtout feelings of dissapointmet.


Best RPG of 2011: Skyrim, duh you disagree you must be a faggot who don't know shit about how to know what is a good video game or not eveN JAPS LIKE THIS and itsn't JRPG shite

Best shooter of 2011: MW3 or Battlefield 3 whichever has highest sales both are great games and sales is always a realiable measure of quality, success, and everythign else that fucking matters to rational person

Best sports game of 2011: i do't play these fuckers go to sales charts

best puzzle game of 2011: angry birds not just a video game but a MARKETTING GUIANT i like to play angry birds on iphone while sitting next to angry birds plushy while eating angry birds candy while reading exciting angry birds related news on my android phone this puzzle game is so accessabile all age gropus from tweens to senior citizens love it a true indsutry behemeoth and great model for future game engineers

best hunting game of 2011: that one for ps3 because its the only one i have heard of did you see funny commercial with talking deer killing virtual deer so wrong i lol'd hard

top 10 video game commercials of 2011: hunting one with twsited deat lol and commercials for best selling title of 2011

stuff liek that, tuff REAL people care about, is whgat people want to read unless they are angry fringe elements no one listens to because they are emotional trianwrecks liek the people that make rage posts about boycot EA games beccuase of origyn servvice

Sorry i didn't feel like going to wikipedia to fill in blanks your the jounalist with the computernetblogsite its your job to do the shit that isnt fun thats why i dont has one of thes computersites to much effort zzzz

also need to work on lowering wordcount because only nerdfaggots like verbosity of this magnitude your article is not accessible to EVERYMAN if this was starcraft jim raynor would look at article length and say "TL:DR what are these words what a fag lawl i am going to go play  DOa with zearataul and kerrigan" and you knwo what blizzard finally got character of kerrigna RIGHT so she wouldnt be loathsome backstabber you could trust her in rand team 4v4 now unlike childish troll like MEATWAGONDRIVER and TEELOL

i am not expecting a reply from a COWARDLY LION who hides behind name of sports legend i am your wizard and my magics are even more powerful than the black arts of the witch ghosts that haunt the wagondriver dynasty so heed my advice or fade into obscurity