Dream Hijacking

By lobote / November 28, 2014

Imagine the following: you're playing Hitman, you've got the sniper rifle, and you're heading to snipe the mark before he gets into his limo, when you realise the clocktower doesn't have wheelchair access.
   That's right, you're playing Hitman: Cripple.
   Should this game exist? Assuming the mechanics are worse, because you can only garrote small children for example, the answer is no. But how many people on planet earth would disagree with you there?
   If I was a cripple, and felt deservedly inadequate, then Hitman: Cripple might be the realisation of some fantasy of normalcy. And those hipsters, who just love living vicariously through minorities, and love bullying people even more (it's no secret SJWs have all kinds of personality disorders), I can see why they'd campaign to force its creation. But what should be done about this conflict between people who say, want to play as a cool, functional hitman, and SJW types who want a cripple assassin (even though they probably don't want to play Hitman at all)? I know what you're thinking, the Nazis had neat solutions for this, but what if there was a way to make everyone happy? And there is: by hijacking peoples' dreams.
   I know what you're thinking, "Is he talking about Inception?", and that's exactly what I'm talking about. Science fiction is real. And I know what you're doing now, you're moving the mouse pointer to the "back" button. But hear me out. The technology to enter people's minds, through their dreams, already exists, you just haven't heard about it.
   This is a link on a potential dream-altering invention to be used on trains for advertising: [ > ]. It uses vibrations in the window to transmit a sound wave into your skull (which could alter your dreams as you slept, if it didn’t wake you up). Now, this might seem like just a creepy type of headphones, but there's more.
   This is a CNN documentary on the LIDA machine: [ > ]. When the Soviet Union collapsed, certain Soviet research which was previously classified was made public. This included some inventions relating to mind control. Scientists hired by CNN demonstrate how they are able to transmit non-aural information through the skull, which the brain is able to register and interpret. But it gets better. This article on the LIDA machine shows that it can be used to induce sleep in humans: [ > ]. In other words, you wouldn't have to fall asleep on your own. Further, this would allow sound and other signals to be transmitted without the dreamer waking up.
   You might be thinking this dream hijacking is the usual futurism claptrap which we'll never see in our lifetime. But it's not. While there are international laws against experimenting on people without their consent, the United States government doesn't really give a shit. They test new weapon systems, including those relating to mind control, on innocent civilians (most often housewives). And some of these experiments include dream hijacking, or "synthetic dreams", which can be used for interrogation, among other things. Yes, just like in the film Inception. And yes, they can wake the individual up by playing music too. Sounds incredible? Who knows, maybe the CIA gave the director the script for Inception. Maybe they performed inception on him.
   You might dismiss this as a bunch of crazy talk. But remember that government documents prove the psychiatric community tortured patients during the CIA MKUltra program and helped cover it up. So of course they would discredit the victims of mind control today under various labels of mental illness contained in the psychiatric manual (which the CIA probably wrote). Next time you read about some schizophrenic complaining about mind control shooting up some movie theatre or blowing people up, realise that this could be a DARPA lab rat helping the CIA out. And this should make you mad, because you know they always try to pin that shit on too much Xbox.
   So what does this all mean? Dreams can be hijacked, and moreover, once this technology gets transferred to the civilian sector, it would make games really neat too.
   For example, I love samurai films. But the thing holding back swordplay games is that your Wii controller's motion can't be stopped by a virtual blocking sword. But this would be possible in a dream world. Think how much cooler it would be playing games with complete freedom of movement using your mind as the controller. And just like you often don't realise you're dreaming, you won't remember you're just playing a game.
   And not only that, designing games would be improved too. This article is about researchers using their mind-reading technology to create a 3D design which was then printed: [ > ]. Building games is boring and tedious, but what if you could just dream them? You could react to the game as you are designing it. And there are historical examples where poets would have incredible ballads come to them in their dream state, almost as if the dream state unlocked their potential to create. Who knows what cool new mechanics you might dream up. And yes, if your fantasy was being a cripple assassin, you could make that too.
   But there is a Dark side to this technology: brainwashing. Many of the DARPA human guinea pigs complain that their synthetic dreams involve killing family members, and this role-playing is being used to turn them into killers. Might the military use these games as well to brainwash us into being good soldiers, into being ruthless sociopaths with a bloodlust? And I know what you're thinking, "So?" But just remember the sword cuts both ways. "Indies" might have access to this brainwashing technology too, once YoYo Games makes a Game Maker version of it so they won't have to actually code anything. So you might one day accidentally play the "indie" version of Hitman, and when you wake up, you might realise you're now gay and have a thing for cripples.
   What a nightmarish vision of the future.