On Roosh's Upcoming Anti-SJW/Feminist Gaming Site

By Alex Kierkegaard / November 10, 2014

Pick-up artist, social commentator and media magnate Roosh Vörek recently announced that he's working on a gaming site intended to be "a safe space for gamers against SJW/feminist harassment and influence" [ > ]. I've talked a lot about this guy on the Orgy forum, so I am not going to repeat that here. What I will say here, however, is that he DOES know how to make good sites. His personal site contains a ton of great pick-up articles (among a lot of depressing whining and stupid cultural commentary, of course, like most PUA sites), and his culture website, Return of Kings (which contains pretty much the same type of content as his blog, but by a variety of authors, which means it's updated incredibly often), has been a huge success. I am guessing he's going to take the publishing lessons he learned from ROK and apply them here. So from a general "blog publishing" perspective, I am sure he has a winning formula.
   The problem is he knows nothing about games. ROK works because he knows a lot about pick-up, and quite a bit about the whole "culture wars" issue that the site focuses on (he wrote the best SJW article I have ever read [ > ], for example), and that's how he manages to pick such generally capable contributors to that site. But how is he going to pick the videogame contributors? If he does the smart thing he'll delegate this task to one or more of his many ROK contributors who perhaps know more about games than he does, but that will still come nowhere near the best specialist gaming sites (I mean places such as Postback, Scathing Accuracy, gamengai, SEGABASTARD, and the like), let alone Insomnia. After all, if those people knew a lot about games and were passionate about them, they'd already have their own sites (while most of the specialist sites I just mentioned have been around for a decade on average).
   The thing is, however, that even if his contributors end up being average gamer Joes, they'll STILL do approximately a million times better job than all the fags who scribble about games professionally today. Merely taking the fagotry out of professional games journalism will send the quality of the writing through the roof. If all they do is take the Flowers and the Journeys down from their absurd pedestals and put up the Far Crys and Call of Duties in their place, that will be a huge step forward in the right direction, and for this reason I am 100% behind this new site and hope it becomes a huge success.
   This is not an important event in videogame criticism and theory, since ultimately, in the best case scenario, all that Roosh's site will accomplish is to take us back to pre-"indie" IGN-level reviews of the mid-2000s — some of which were admittedly pretty decent, but still nowhere near the level of analysis and insight that Insomnia regularly puts out today, precisely because its editor-in-chief is the most knowledgeable, intelligent and passionate gamer the world has ever seen, and not some journalist hack who doesn't even play games (as with the current professional sites), or some PUA dude who has repeatedly expressed his contempt for the artform. The fact that the site is motivated by hatred of SJWs and feminists, instead of love of videogames, tells the whole story. Remember what Zarathustra said to another frothing fool, over a hundred years ago: "I despise your contempt and my bird of warning shall ascend from love alone; not from the swamp!"
   But still. If Roosh succeeds — which I am pretty damn sure he will, given his track record — his efforts will give a much needed boost to what pitiful little masculinity there is outside of Insomnia in the games criticism space, and that's a goal worth rooting for, to be sure.