Why doesn't icycalm cop shit for denying the holocaust?

By lobote / November 12, 2011

I've read through the 300 page thread about icycalm over at TIG. Not once does someone complain "and he denied the holocaust, the bastard". icycalm denied the holocaust in this essay, incredibly referring to shindlers list as 'science fiction', even though there's no Ewoks in it.
   I'm not a holocaust denier myself. I think it's half-real. The camps are real, it's just a fictional world where there were gas chambers overlaid on top of that. We interact with this fictional world through the real rules relating to holocaust denial. See the writings of Jesper Juul as background reading.
   Despite it's half-real status we cannot ever deny it. We must honour the memory of the victims who never existed. For what can be worse than dying horribly and also never having been born? It is for them that we must complain about deniers, we must bully the deniers, we must call them names such 'antisemite' and 'dickface'. But in a 300 page thread on TIG there is not even one such post. Not one. Okay maybe someone called icycalm dickface but it was for something completely different. Honestly, it's like the indies decided that the lie "indie games are good" is so important that they needn't bother to defend the lie "the holocaust happened" at all. Where does this skewed sense of morality come from? Don't they see that without the holocaust, hitler wouldn't look bad. And if Hitler didn't look bad, we couldn't use reductio ad hitlerium. And if there was no Goebels law, then how the fuck would we win arguments on the internet??! With evidence and logic? HOW THE FUCK DO THEY WORK?! No, seriously, how do they work?
   I can't believe indies are unwilling to defend the fundamental lie which forms the bedrock of our society. Without the holocaust there is no "Jews are victims" culture. And without the "jews are victim" culture there would be no sympathy for gays, blacks, the retarded, and yes, indies, many of whom are only partially retarded. For without the big lies there would be nothing for the mincy, small, fagety lies to latch onto. This is what indies have failed to grasp: That judges ignoring habeus corpus and historians making shit up is nothing more than 'indie history' and 'indie justice'. Forget the misleading book 'the holocaust industry' — the holocaust myth wasn't corrupted by industry like modern games are — nothing compromised this artistic vision — it was truly independent of restrictions, such as the laws of physics, common sense, decency...
   I hope indies see this essay and are inspired to crank out game maker and dish out a few holocaust related games, to counter the scandalous comments by icycalm. Maybe a sim where you run a concentration camp and don't need to buy fuel because you can totally burn bodies without fuel? Or a platformer, where you must miraculously escape a ruthlessly efficient concentration camp, along with 4 million other Jews? The possibilities, like the whining of jews, are endless.