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[PC] Survarium

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[PC] Survarium

Unread postby NeoKubrick » 27 Jan 2013 19:14

survarium-screen-05-school (1).jpg



survarium-screen-11-radar.jpg ... survarium/

RPS: Can you summarise the concept behind Survarium for our readers? I know some folk are expecting a game like STALKER, but it’s really not like that, is it?

Yavorsky: [...] For those who are not familiar with the project, Survarium is a free2play MMOFPS set in the near future. The game focuses on the aftermath of a massive ecological catastrophe on Earth, the reasons behind which are only vaguely known. Survarium is designed as a session-based shooter. There are three game modes on our plan list: the team-based PvP, PvE with co-op missions and the Free play mode, each offering its own challenges and playthrough mechanics to the player. You can find out more about the game concept and story from our website.

RPS: So is there a single-player campaign? How is the PvE aspect of the game going to work?

Yavorsky: We do not provide a traditional single-player campaign in Survarium. Yet, in the Free play mode what we have planned is expected to give the players that ‘lone wolf’ kind of feel, where he is going to load off on a big map with a task to reach a certain checkpoint and the need to survive against the anomalies, mutants and other players on the way.

Even though Survarium is designed as purely an online game, we do plan to introduce the strong story component and have ideas of how it could be integrated into the gameplay. The co-op mission-oriented PvE mode planned will have the highest slant towards the story.

Another idea we have is to get the community involved to influence further story development. For example, if there is a story-related object on the map which the player can either destroy or save at his own discretion, we will collect the general statistic of what the choices were made by the majority of players. If the majority opted to destroy it, the story will evolve in the direction where that particular object is no more.

Developer diary:

I'm disappointed that they are developing a purely multiplayer game, because the combat encounters with the AI in STALKER were great. The crowd-sourcing story could be interesting.
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Unread postby icycalm » 29 Jan 2013 01:30

NeoKubrick wrote:The crowd-sourcing story could be interesting.

I don't see how the crowd-sourcing story could be anything other than stupid, worthless, and ultimately probably even worse than if the game had no story at all. Have you seen any good stories arise out of MMO interactions? Crowds don't write stories, writers do, and whether some "object on the map" is "destroyed" or "saved" at the players' discretion, as the moron designer claims, has as much chance of having a positive influence on the game's "story" as throwing random ingredients in a boiling pot could result in something that turns out to be a good meal. So let's just hope Stalker 2 eventually gets made despite all.
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Unread postby NeoKubrick » 29 Jan 2013 12:20

What I would find interesting is a developer aggregating the actions or decisions of all the game's players for a major event and riffing the story off of that. For example, a battle event between two factions: the losing faction is wiped from the game completely and after, all references to the faction in the story refer to what faggots, cowards et cetera they were, re-write the history of the events (just as in the aftermath of any war). I doubt that the execution of crowd-sourcing I would like to see will be present in Survarium, though, and I'd rather see them develop Stalker 2.
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Unread postby Ryusenshi » 01 Mar 2013 21:15

survarium-timeline-en.jpg ... t-timeline

The Beta version of the game should be released by the end of the year.
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Unread postby shubn » 07 Apr 2013 17:20

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Unread postby movie » 02 Jul 2013 01:06

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Unread postby shubn » 14 Jul 2013 13:56

Survarium Developer's Diary #6:
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Unread postby shubn » 03 Dec 2013 23:40

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Unread postby shubn » 02 Jan 2014 01:13

The Founder Packs

Greetings, Survivor!

Soon the adventures into the world of Survarium will begin, with its every inhabitant searching for his own path amidst the aggressive nature and hostile factions.

Today you have a possibility to prepare yourself for the fight for survival in advance by using one of our unique Founder Packs.

By purchasing one of the six Founder Packs you will not only receive instant access to Closed-Beta of Survarium, unique items for your character and bonus premium currency, but also the exclusive status of the game's Founder. This way you will have your name immortalized in the project's history. Please, review each of the packs and choose the one you like best.

This is a limited-time offer, so make sure you don't miss this opportunity!

See you in the game!

Early Access Pack - $9.99

- Instant Beta access
- $10 in Golden Rubles

This is the first and most basic pack we have on offer. By purchasing this pack you will instantly receive the Closed Beta access, as well as 1000 Golden Rubles (equivalent of $10 USD) in-game store credit to spend on the items of your choice.

Survivor Pack - $24.99

- Instant Beta access
- 1 month Premium account
- $25 in Golden Rubles
- Survivor forum title
- Survivor character decal
- Digital soundtrack

Here we have the Survivor Pack, a great way to dive into the game with a few more items at your disposal. You'll get a 1-month Premium Account Membership with a 2500 Golden Rubles (equivalent of $25 USD) store credit, the Survivor title on forum, a rare Survivor in-game character decal, which you can place on your survivor to add that extra bit of individuality and uniqueness, a digital copy of the game soundtrack and of course early game access.

Explorer Pack - $49.99

- Instant Beta access
- 3 months Premium account
- $50 in Golden Rubles
- Explorer forum title
- Explorer character decal
- Digital soundtrack
- 1 friend invite

The more experience you gain, the better your equipment, so look at this awesome founder's pack. The Explorer pack offers you a 5000 Golden Rubles (equals to $50 USD) store credit, a 3-month Premium Account Membership, a more detailed and rare Explorer character decal, a digital copy of the game's soundtrack and of course early game access alongside one friend invite.

Veteran Pack - $99.99

- Instant Beta access
- 6 months Premium account
- $100 in Golden Rubles
- Veteran forum title
- Veteran character decal
- Soundtrack on CD
- 1 faction flag
- Veteran Founder shield
- 2 friend invites

Show the world that you have been around since the beginning and have earned your stripes. This pack includes some great features. A 10000 Golden Rubles (equals $100 USD) in-game store credit, a detailed star-shaped Veteran character decal and cast-metal Survarium Veteran Founder shield, a copy of the game's soundtrack on CD, the Veteran title on the game forum, a random 1 of 4 faction flags, 2 friend invites, 6 months as a Premium Account Member and of course, early game access.

Master Pack - $249.99

- Instant Beta access
- 12 months Premium account
- $250 in Golden Rubles
- Master forum title
- Master character decal
- Soundtrack on CD
- 2 faction flags
- Master Founder shield
- Survarium T-shirt
- Ammo-crate wooden box
- 3 friend invites

Master your surroundings with this founder pack. What do you get? Prepare for a long list! A 25000 Golden Rubles (equals $250 USD) store credit, an entire year as a Premium Account Member, an illustrious star-shaped character decal & cast-metal Survarium Master Founder shield, the game's soundtrack on CD, a unique Master title on the game forum, random 2 of 4 faction flags, a Survarium T-shirt – all that comes in an ammo-crate-styled wooden box. On top of that, 3 friend invites and last but not least, early game access!

Legendary Pack - $499.99

- Instant Beta access
- 24 months Premium account
- $500 in Golden Rubles
- Legend forum title
- Legendary character decal
- Soundtrack on CD
- 4 faction flags
- Legendary Founder shield
- Survarium T-shirt
- Ammo-crate wooden box
- 5 friend invites

Now this is where things get serious. This is the ultimate, everyone's goal. To be, the best Survivor!
The Legendary pack offers you the most unique and valuable items out of all the packs. Premium Account Membership for two years, an absolutely stunning, prized and unique star-shaped character decal as well as a cast-metal Survarium Legendary Founder shield, the game soundtrack on CD, a Legend's title on the game forum, you will receive all 4 of the faction flags, a 50000 Golden Rubles (equivalent of $500 USD) in-game store credit, a total of 5 friend invites, early game access and last but not least, the package comes in an ammo-crate-styled wooden box. This pack is simply the best of the best!
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Unread postby shubn » 11 Sep 2014 21:40

Campfire Talk. Diary 7 Bonus Video:
Survarium Open Doors:
Developer Diary #8:
Developer Diary #9:
Survarium at Gamescom 2014:

These seem to have little to do with the game apart from the theme of survival, but they are being released on Vostok's YouTube channel. They may seem out of order, but that's the order they are being released in:
Adapter Project, Instruction 32:
Adapter Project, Instruction 38:
Adapter Project, Instruction 17:
Adapter Project, Instruction 10:
Adapter Project, Instruction 54:
Adapter Project, Instruction 20:
Adapter Project, Instruction 24:
Adapter Project, Instruction 19:
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Unread postby shubn » 16 Dec 2014 12:21

Survarium Update 0.26a

We are glad to inform that the update 0.26a was installed on the server.
The public test server has been shut down until the next update.
Thank you all for your help in testing the patch.

Version 0.26a


- Added a new game mode Team Deathmatch (TDM)
- Added a new mechanic to the leveling of the game character. At the moment only shooting and physical training branches are available
- Added support for multiple equipment profiles and the ability to change the sets of equipment in battle, while the character is dead
- Added melee kill missions for all factions
- Added weapon stopping power mechanics. The stopping power depends on type of weapon and ammunition
- Maximum portable weight increased up to 30kg;speed penalty now begins from 20kg
- Now when a leg is wounded, the player receives a penalty to movement speed - 10%, with the broken leg - 20%
- Battery chargers are physical objects now. They react to shots and can be pushed
- Added physical collision detection between players of different teams

Equipment and weapons:

- Armor-piercing bonus for 7.32x39 increased to +20%
- Reduced dispersion for all weapons
- Prices for equipment upgrade now depends on the level of equipment

Independent traders:

- Mosin Carbine: armor-piercing increased to 50
- PPSh, TT-33: armor-piercing increased to 25
- VSS “Vintorez”, SR3M "Vihr": armor-piercing increased to 30
- AK-74N: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
- PP-19-01 "Vityaz": damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
- After the battle players can find the SOCOM rifle (12 level equipment);


- OTS-02 "Kiparis", PM: armor-piercing increased to 20
- TOZ-122, Remington 700: armor-piercing increased to 45

Black market:

- AKS-74U: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
- UZI: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
- Winchester 1894: damage increased to 100, armor-piercing to 40

The Fringe Settlers

- SCS: armor increased to 40
- APS: damage reduced to 35, armor increased to 20
- Vepr, RPK: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
- UMP-45: damage increased to 55, armor-piercing to 25
- SV-98: damage reduced to 120, armor-piercing increased to 50, set the sight 1P69 "Hyperon"
- Set "Keeper": armor is reduced to 70
- 9A-91, VSK-94: armor-piercing increased to 30
- added to the Shop: PP-2000 (9 level equipment), automatic ASH-12 (15 level equipment), sniper rifle VSSK (15 level equipment);

The Renaissance Army

- Fort 17: damage reduced to 35, armor-piercing increased to 20
- AKM, RPD: armor-piercing increased to 40
- SR-2M: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 25
- AK-74M, A-545: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
- Kit “Hammer-UM2”: armor reduced to 75
- added to the Shop: AK-12 (15 level equipment) and SVD sniper rifle (12 level equipment);


- Added a few extra passages/bypasses to Tarakanovsky Fort

user Interface:

- Most of the elements of interface redesigned
- In the description of a weapon we've added the display of the speed of transition into the aiming mode
- Added display of empty containers for artifacts in battle
- changed the statistics screen at the end of the battle, added more detailed information about obtained experience, reputation, money

bug fixes:

- Fixed installer, causing the inability to install the game client
- Fixed a bug that caused spontaneous double shot
- Performance optimization
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Unread postby shubn » 05 Jan 2015 16:31

The Start of the OBT in Europe

We are extremely pleased to announce another important stage in the development of our project. Today in the struggle for a place under the sun, in addition to players from countries of the former USSR and Poland are now joined by Survivors from the rest of Europe. Currently the Survarium Open-Beta contains two variations of PVP mode: Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval.

The game is available in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German and Polish. In the near future we plan to localize the game into other European languages. We’d also like to note that the transition of the game to the stage of Open-Beta in Europe does not mean the end of project development; on the contrary, we plan to further develop Survarium and introduce lots of new features, including the long-awaited FreePlay (PvE) mode.

So, stay tuned!

We wish you an enjoyable game in the world of Survivors!

European Open Beta Launch Trailer:
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Unread postby shubn » 06 Feb 2015 22:39

Dev Diary Part 4: Freeplay

It’s time to talk about the greatly anticipated Freeplay mode. Freeplay is a separate game mode that combines elements of the story, the conflict between players and survival in a hostile world. Players will be able to perform tasks for factions, participate in random events and explore the map in search of valuable items. In Freeplay, players only have one-life and death can come at every turn. One careless step and your character will return to the game lobby and all you’ve found will remain near your dead body. Players are going to choose the style of the game: some players may want to stay alive as long as possible; others attempt to gain as many items as possible and successfully leave the location alive.


The Freeplay map is much, much bigger than a usual PVP location. There are several large structures, which differ according to the risk and difficulty of gameplay. New players in a weak outfit will not be able to explore the entire map. The most dangerous areas will be available only to players with the best gear and access to some areas will require playing through the story quest chain.

There will be no time limit for gameplay in an area but there will be a limit on the number of players that can be in the location. We want to maintain an atmosphere of exploration and this is only possible when meeting with another player will be a rare event, not an ordinary situation. If one of the players dies or leaves the location, his or her place will be taken by a beginner. To leave the location the player must travel to one of the special locations which are located on the edge of the map where he will be asked if he wishes leave the map.


The game world continues without the participation of the players. Mutants periodically attack the survivors and the survivors fight mutants or each other. Each event is a source of side quests for players. Depending on which faction has the most players, the balance of power can be shifted and make story missions easier or harder. Events and mission locations are closely connected with the narrative plot. So the first location of free play will be fully dedicated to the events of the first season. Its content will vary, depending on how Survarium’s plot develops. (We will go into more detail about the development of the story in the last part of our developer diary).

Approximately every 2 hours of real-time the Storm will occur. About 15 minutes before the start of the Storm players receive a warning and the game world will stop allowing new players to join. In the allotted time, the remaining players must find shelter or leave the area, otherwise they will perish. After the storm has passed there will be a number of very valuable items scattered around the area. Survivors of the storm get a 10 minute head start to search for these prizes after which some of the prizes are destroyed and the location accepts newly connecting players.

Freeplay mode, among other modes, gives the player the opportunity to develop his or her character, gaining experience, reputation and money for completing tasks and performing other actions.

In addition around the map you can find items that will give you money, experience, and reputation but only if the player is able to leave the map carrying them. If killed all items carried by a player are dropped and can be picked up by another player.


One of the important elements will be completion of quests. Three types of quests are available:

Story quests are given to the players in the lobby. They are associated with advancing the plot and can only be done in Freeplay mode. Story quests allow multiple solutions and are added to the game as the story progresses with updates.

Secondary quests are issued on behalf of a faction, with which the player cooperates. This quest is issued at the entrance to the location and usually indicates some side goal or solution to the current story quest.

In addition, there are random quests which the player receives during the game directly while playing.

In Freeplay mode, there are neither allies nor enemies. The relationship between players solely depends on the players themselves. Often players will get a competing task. For example: one player will have the quest to protect a camp and the other to destroy the camp.

One of the most challenging aspects is the battle between the players. On the one hand, we don't want to make players “terminators” that can withstand a shot in the head from a sniper rifle, but on the other hand; players dying from an invisible enemy is also not a good thing. We decided to display the "counter contacts" which indicates the number of other players in the range of approximately 150 meters. You will be able to see which players are nearby, as well as contact them.

In addition, each player in Freeplay mode will have "karma". If you help others and behave well, your karma grows. If you do despicable actions, kill other players - karma falls. Your karma is visible to other players. Moreover your quests depend on it and your life can depend on it (for example, a bounty can be put on your head). Karma is saved between game sessions.

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Unread postby shubn » 03 Apr 2015 13:17 ... able-steam

Survarium Now Available On Steam

We’re extremely happy to announce that Survarium is officially on Steam! Thank you all for your invaluable support, without it this new phase would have been impossible. Now you can download the game from the official page of the Steam store. There you have the opportunity to leave feedback about the game. We would be grateful for the support that will help us make the project even better!
We also recommend you to subscribe to Survarium community page.

Finally we want to add that in honor of today's events, we have added special Steam exclusive bundles. They will make your time in the game more comfortable. The bundles include unique items such as weapons and clothing with a unique Steam exclusive camouflage, decals and other bonuses! All the details can be found here:

Steam Starter Pack
Ultimate Steam Starter Pack
Survarium - Warrior Pack

Survivors, we are waiting for you in Survarium!

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