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[PC] [360] [PS3] Sacred Citadel

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[PC] [360] [PS3] Sacred Citadel

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The Sacred series is taking a temporary turn for the light-hearted with side-scrolling beat-’em-up Sacred Citadel.

Equipped with “bitching battles”, “ridonkulous rides” and “crazy co-op”, the startlingly lovely looking hack-and-slasher is due on PC, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade some time in 2013. ... es-mounts/

Sacred Citadel gives a nod to classic side-scrollers with a variety of beasts prepared to bear you into combat.

The tusked bull can ram enemies to send them into the air, or charge groups for are of effect attacks. Deep Silver promises there are more mounts to be revealed, including war machines .

Sacred Citadel contains four classes – the hulking Safiri Warrior, stealthy Ancarian Ranger, healing Kukuri Shaman, and one yet to be revealed. Each class has its own unique attacks, and which are available depends on character level and power accumulated through combo use. It boasts drop-in, drop-out three-player co-op, an overmap with towns and vendors, the chance to dual-wield exchangeable weapons and double jumps. ... omization/

Deep Silver has revealed more information on Sacred Citadel’s RPG elements, which contain unique weapon combinations, mounts, towns, combat options and and more aspects still to be announced. In the game, players can take control of three characters out of a total of four, all of which can be leveled up and acquire new skills, and even develop a character which fits better with your co-op playstyle with each character also having its own skill sets. Other RPG elements include potions, custom weapons combinations, town merchants, mounts and more. Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling action brawler is due in 2013 through Steam, various other PC digital distributors, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. New Screens are below.







Safiri Warrior featurette:
Khukuri Shaman featurette:
Ancarian Ranger featurette:
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