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[PC] [360] Deadfall Adventures

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[PC] [360] Deadfall Adventures

Unread postby Heell » 28 Feb 2013 17:41 ... uncharted/

Deadfall Adventures announced, is essentially first-person Uncharted
Deadfall Adventures has been officially announced by Painkiller developer The Farm 51. You may remember the game from when it was originally announced as ‘Project Adventure’, followed by a wave of gamers calling it an Uncharted rip-off. It’s back with a new name and an announcement trailer.

Publisher Nordic Games has confirmed to VG247 that Deadfall adventures is releasing in July on Xbox 360 and PC.

Set in 1938 is stars adventurer James Lee Quatermain as he escorts US agent Jennifer Goodwin to an Egyptian temple cto retrieve an artefact called ‘The Heart of Atlantis.’

Similarly to Painkiller, Deadfall looks like it has some over-the-top firepower hidden in its sandy boots. There are also puzzles and tons of cinematic action.

What do you think of the trailer? Is this an Uncharted rip-off or is it intriguing. Let us know below.

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"From the beginning, we wanted to make you feel like the hero in classic adventure movies," says Falkowski. To do this, developer Farm 51 will let you adjust the difficulty of both combat and puzzles. This way, he reasons, someone interested in embracing their inner thrill-seeker will be able to shoot and root through different locations, solving puzzles and stumbling on treasures - which are always held at arm's length by traps, riddles, or guardians - while meeker types can dial down both difficulty settings to simply "focus on the story."

To help you in your plight, an inventory stuffed with what Falkowski calls "real adventurer's equipment" (such as a compass, treasure maps, and notepads) will be at your disposal when navigating the game's dangerous territory. Expect lethal environmental hazards - though if you're clever enough, you'll be able to turn them against the uglies on your tail.

The team also struggled with employing a first-person perspective in puzzle-solving scenarios -something that tends to be more wieldy in a third-person view, where you can more aptly position how your character interacts with objects and the environment. But the urge to keep you in Quatermain's shoes helped the developer find a way to make it work.

"It was a real challenge," admits Falkowski. "But... looking from a first-person perspective on ancient reliefs... and trying to find a solution, gives you a feeling of real participation. You just feel like a hero." ... announced/

Deadfall Adventures, an Indiana Jones-like romp, is due on PC and Xbox 360 on September 27, the indie developer has announced.

In addition to previously detailed single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer, Deadfall Adventures includes a newly-revealed a survival co-op mode.
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