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[PC] [MAC] War for the Overworld

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[PC] [MAC] War for the Overworld

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In War for the Overworld, we’ve fused together the best components from the RTS and God Game genres; here you will find familiar elements from Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius.

Your domain lies beneath the surface of this realm, and it is here that you will begin to build your sinful empire. The forces of good in this land will do everything in their power to stop you.

You have the power to create vast dungeons filled with hordes of evil minions who share a common goal: to crush the bones of the goodly heroes that dare to enter your unhallowed halls. You will command mighty armies, create vicious traps and cast dastardly spells to overcome the pitifully gallant armies that defend foolish principles such as “honour” and “righteousness” — it’s going to be more fun than taking candy from a baby…

Q: When will the game be released?
A: The full game will be released by August 30, 2013. ... -overworld

Build Your Dungeon: There is no correct way to build a dungeon; however you will quickly learn what suits your unique style in War for the Overworld. Each level opens up as a blank slate and it is up to you and your scaled hand to carve out the world as you best see fit. Because there is no set “level” upon which you play you will have to choose where to dig, fortify, and build the whatever your depraved mind can imagine — whether it is a vast dungeon filled with cavernous rooms or a series of winding hallways that stretch off far into the unknown depths is up to you.

Real-Time Strategy: Do you prefer to crash through your enemy's front door with a swarming army, or is subterfuge your game? All game decisions happen in real time whether you're building your dungeon, training your army, issuing orders to your minions or tapping into more primal powers to cast spells upon your foes.

Spells & Rituals: As an Underlord you have the power to call down terrifying spells to wreak havoc and misery upon your foes. Of course there are spells that augment your already formidable creatures in battle. In addition to spells, some of your minions have begun to dabble in the occult and have found many sinful rituals that will influence the entire battlefield. These rituals require many ingredients, and no doubt sacrifice will be involved to make the nastier ones possible.

Minions: Entice wicked and devious creatures to your dungeon through Gateways. Keep them in your service by fulfilling their basest desires and they shall eagerly fight for you. Your minions will autonomously work in the rooms of your dungeon that are best suited to their skills — for a price. Some minions require little more than food, but those intelligent enough to perform skilled labour in your dungeon will require pay — make sure to keep your coffers full and you'll have an army in no time!

Rooms: With dozens of unique rooms to choose from you can create an underground metropolis for your fearful denizens. Each room has a distinct purpose that will draw new minions to your dungeon and provide you with additional utilities.

Defenses: Fortify your domain by placing various doors throughout the dank halls of your dungeon to control enemy movement, or catch unsuspecting trespassers with your murderously designed traps. If you're the kind of player who likes to hide behind static defenses then this vein of evil is right up your well-defended alley.

Shrines: Within the depths of this realm exist ancient shrines of immense power that are but a murmur of the ancient forces that used to walk this realm. These powerful bastions of magic will grant boons to your creatures and spells, or weaken those of your enemies. Make sure to keep these shrines defended for their arcane powers only remain yours as long as you control them.

Veins Of Evil: Research and unlock spells, rooms, and traps in each level in a way that best complements your play style. In the Archives your minions will research the three veins of evil (Sloth, Greed, and Wrath) to grant you the rooms, traps, and spells that you want to play with.

Campaign: The initial campaign will include the first chapter of the single-player experience where you face off against the righteous Emperor Stockington and the vast armies of his Sterling Empire. His mighty generals have been called to a war council in the capital of Socksford in preparation for war... how delightfully charming. Further chapters of the campaign and plans for additional story features will be revealed soon!

Multiplayer: In Multiplayer you will finally prove once and for all who is the best of the worst amongst you. With dozens of customizable settings, you and as many of your friends as you want can battle in unranked free-for-all battle and team matches.

Sandbox: With the power of the developers in your hands you have the potential to realize your fiendish desires. In this mode almost anything is possible. Whether you want to craft labyrinths with increasingly difficult hazards for sport (bookie not included), or build a massive dungeon for your creatures to roam is up to you as you command the very rocks of the Underworld in Sandbox mode.

The Kickstarter was funded on January 3, 2013 but you can still pledge through the game's website.


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