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[PC] Enlisted

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[PC] Enlisted

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Brandon Orselli wrote:100-Player WWII FPS “Enlisted” Promises Realistic Battles, Not eSports Trash

Gaijin Entertainment and developer Darkflow Software are crowdfunding a new, World War II-based online first-person shooter called Enlisted.

The shooter promises massive-scale battles with up to a hundred players, spanning large-scale, destructible battlefields. Featured above, you can view a brief teaser trailer for the game.

Players will be able to fight in battles like the Battle of Moscow and the iconic Normandy Invasion. While the game is being crowdfunded, the first two aforementioned campaigns are being made regardless.

The $250,000 goal (which Gaijin just reached) is for the Tunisia campaign. At $500,000, a player-selected campaign will be added, and finally at $750,000 a player-selected game module will be added. It’s unclear what a “game module” is, unfortunately.

“It will be a first person shooter decided by the fans, for the fans,” producer Alexander Nagorny said. “They will have direct input into what we create, including things like campaigns, game modes, even which platforms after PC we will support.” To this point, if the funding campaign reaches $1 million, the game will get console versions.

The big takeaway from Enlisted is the fact that you can and probably will be fighting an unfair battle – the game is meant to recreate real-life, historical battles from World War II.

These will include multiple phases, varying goals, and naturally different starting conditions – all with the clear distinction from the shooter looking to jump on the “sports-like competitions” train.

If you want to get in on the action, you can do so on the Enlisted website.

Official website:

Teaser trailer:
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From the official site's frontpage:




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