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[PS4] Chikyuu Boueigun 5

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[PS4] Chikyuu Boueigun 5

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Sal Romano wrote:Earth Defense Force 5 announced for PS4

Action shooter sequel due out spring 2017 in Japan.

EDF5-Ann-PS4.jpg (78.11 KiB) Viewed 382 times

Following a leak last week, D3 Publisher officially announced Earth Defense Force 5 for PlayStation 4 at the 2016 PlayStation Press Conference in Japan. It will launch in Japan in 2017.

Watch the announcement trailer below. Visit the teaser website here.

【PS4】EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 1st PV: ... 3Publisher ... -subtitles

Sal Romano wrote:Earth Defense Force 5 second trailer, with English subtitles

This is a special news broadcast.

EDF5-PV2-Eng-JP.jpg (65.99 KiB) Viewed 382 times

D3 Publisher has released the second official trailer for Earth Defense Force 5, and its available in both English and Japanese.

Here’s D3 Publisher’s official overview of the game:

Humanity, rise up and oppose your fate!

In 2013, seven years after Earth Defense Force 3, the long-awaited sequel Earth Defense Force 4 arrived on the scene bringing the ultimate in despair and exhilaration. In 2015, new missions were added and the game took the battle to the PS4 with more content and intensity than ever before as Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair.

Now, in 2017, prepare yourself for a whole new fight in Earth Defense Force 5, an all-new tale of invasion by unknown alien forces and humanity’s confrontation against them.

The 5th installment in the series brings with it the shocking arrival of a humanoid enemy! Is humanity destined for destruction in the face of this unprecedented threat?

Humanity, rise up and overcome your despair! Oppose your fate!
If you missed it, earlier this week we detailed the Fencer class, Grim Reaper, and Immigrant Ship.

Earth Defense Force 5 is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2017.

Watch the trailer below.

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 2ndPV:UFO Invation: ... 3Publisher

【PS4】地球防衛軍5 2ndPV UFO襲来: ... 3Publisher
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