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[PC] [PS4] [ONE] Agents of Mayhem

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[PC] [PS4] [ONE] Agents of Mayhem

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The world has fallen under the rule of LEGION, The League of Evil Gentleman Intent On Obliterating nations. This supervillainous cabal of criminal masterminds and costumed megalomaniacs needs to be stopped at any cost.

Devil's Night
On this day LEGION rose from the shadows with a coordinated and devastating global attack, crippling the world governments.

Dr. Babylon
LEGION's Minister of Pride, Doctor Babylon and his lieutenants are preparing their next evil schemes in the city of Seoul.

Dark Matter
Babylon unlocked the secret of this cosmic power source for LEGION weapons through special crystals attuned to its resonance.

Following LEGION's global attack, Persephone Brimstone founded the organization MAYHEM. Funded by Ultor, these uniquely skilled Agents from all over the world are the only ones who can take down LEGION's new world disorder.

The Agents
Meet the Agents. A diverse band of 12 anti-heroes. Pick your team of three and swap between them on the fly for maximum MAYHEM!

The Ark
The home base of MAYHEM. Upgrade and customize Agents at the ARK to create your own personal gadget-wielding dream team!

The City of Tomorrow. An open playground packed with world-shaking missions, epic, doomsday devices, and evil underground lairs!

Bad Vs Evil Trailer:
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