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[PC] Fallen Enchantress

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[PC] Fallen Enchantress

Unread postby mothman spirit » 03 Mar 2013 17:52


Expansion for the game Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, a strategy game that goes into tactical combat when two armies meet, much like Master of Magic.

Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes is an expansion to Stardock’s popular Fallen Enchantress fantasy strategy game. The world of Elemental needs your help. The Fallen Enchantress seeks to destroy the fragile civilizations that have arisen from the ashes of the cataclysm. Fortunately, your fame has spread far and wide attracting the great heroes to aid you.
Derek Paxton wrote:What is Legendary Heroes?

It's an expansion for Fallen Enchantress that adds the following:

1. A new Champion progression system. Instead of random traits your champions have a trait tree that they can use to select traits as they level up, grow your champions the way you want.

2. The ability to recruit special non-human champions. Champions aren't just humans anymore. Rare opportunities or quests may unlock champions of various monster races that can choose traits and use equipment.

3. New tactical combat options. Swarm gives a bonus for every ally that surrounds the enemy you are attacking. Be careful where you stand as even weak creatures can become dangerous in groups (especially those with traits that improve their Swarm bonus). Weapons all have special abilities and every faction has a special ability they can use in combat so even lowly spearmen have 2 special abilities they can use in addition to their normal move and attack options.

4. New monster types like the Banshee who is immune to physical weapons, or the Garagox who knocks enemies back with each hit (which makes it difficult to get swarm bonuses and control the battlefield).

5. New spells and abilities. New range types have been added that allow for adjacent and line spells and abilities. Use Wall of Fire in tactical to create a line, 7 tiles long, to block allies from enemy units. Master necromancy to summon up to nine different skeleton units at once with the Raise Skeletal Horde spell. Use Resoln's Wraith Touch to drain life from a nearby enemy or Altar's Rush ability to forfeit their attack to get an extra action.

6. A new scenario. Relias has returned to warn the kingdoms of what he discovered in the East, but there is little time left. The war has begun.





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