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[PC] [MAC] Tiny Thor

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Post by icycalm » 04 Dec 2017 14:29

Sent this follow-up:

I wrote:P.S. Henk's "test character" was better! At least revert to that if all else fails!

Post by icycalm » 04 Dec 2017 14:27

Spoke too soon lol: ... vised.html

I hate the new sprite. Looks like a refugee in a Halloween costume now. Sent him an email about it:

I wrote:Please change the Tiny Thor sprite before it's too late!

Hello! My name is Alex Kierkegaard and I run the best videogame site in the world (!!! PLEASE PLEASE change the Tiny Thor sprite, either back to what it was, or to something that doesn't look like a refugee in a Halloween costume! You've put too much work into this to bury it with such a bad decision! Hopefully all the exclamation marks will have convinced you to avert this tragedy before it is too late! Or at the very least add an option to play with the old sprite! Or some way for the player to mod it in!

Thank you! Will be playing your game day 1 if it's not too expensive and reviewing it for my site! (Or better yet you could send me a key :)

All the best!

[PC] [MAC] Tiny Thor

Post by icycalm » 04 Dec 2017 14:03

Steam wrote:Tiny Thor – Become a HeroSlip into the role of the legendary Thunder God Thor. Destroy enemies with your hammer, collect coins and jewels, solve switch puzzles and explore big worlds. Destroy your surroundings with your hammer to battle your way to the exit or to bonus caves.

Gameplay Trailer - 08/2017:

This looks damn nice. Finally a Western sidescroller with a cool main sprite.

Steam wrote:16-Bit pixel art by legendary Henk Nieborg
Soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck

Q4 2017.

Might get it day 1 if it's not too expensive. Wish I knew the release date. Can't wait to see it with scanlines.

Via ... hp?id=2066