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The Ragnarok rule

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Post by danjiro » 18 Sep 2017 19:10

We've nothing to lose by trying it out for a while. In CW7 all planets were destroyed anyway, and there were five of them, so I guess it shouldn't matter much in precisely what way they were destroyed. You either remain alert and mobile and ready to counter threats and/or move when needed, or you die.

Post by icycalm » 18 Sep 2017 16:27

I am starting to question whether we need a Ragnarok rule at all.

For single-planet games, I can just disable it, but we won't be playing any more of those since the ideal systems to maximize server perfomance should have at least three planets. In the League, CULT's home system is single-planet, so for those games we will disable the Ragnarok, but apart from that I don't think we need any rule.

If a clan wants to say "If we can't win this planet/game no one should", and try to force a draw, why not let them try it? It will just force the rest of the teams to be on the alert and have a bunch of mobile units/nukes ready for that eventuality.

At the very least, I think we should try scrapping the Ragnarok rule and see if we can live without it. And besides, eventually the clans who do this will get a reputation for it, and the other clans will be very wary of them when they find themselves on the same planet, and prepare themselves accordingly and be ready to strike alliances to counter it.

I think things will balance themselves out eventually, because this way, although we'll get a bunch of draws, the team that does this too much will have deteriorating relationships with the other clans and find it hard to find allies when they find themselves in a tough spot.

So, unless someone -- and especially a clan leader -- objects to this, I am scrapping the Ragnarok rule, at least temporarily, to experiment playing without it.

Post by icycalm » 12 Aug 2017 19:06

Having said that, I enjoyed TNC's participation, and I am not criticizing their use of the Ragnarok, since there was no rule. Now, however, there is a rule, so please make sure to observe it.

The Ragnarok rule

Post by icycalm » 12 Aug 2017 19:04

From Clan Wars #4, Ragnaroks are only allowed if the intention is to move your team towards victory. If you want to suicide, delete your commanders. The Ragnarok is not an acceptable way to suicide, or "save the sim" or whatever. If a team uses a Ragnarok to suicide again, it will not be invited back to any Insomnia event.