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Unread postby icycalm » 01 Feb 2015 15:19

So this is how I envision this concept to work.

The cosmic game will be played out across a true hex grid, like this:


In order to construct a homeworld, a faction will have to win a hex, and all its surrounding hexes, i.e. 7 hexes in all, with each hex representing a galaxy won in the galactic layer. Once they have accomplished this, they can choose one of the systems in the central hex/galaxy as their home system. And then this will confer to them a mechanical benefit. What will this benefit be? Commanders, probably, but I am not yet decided on how many.

Here is my current favorite idea. Remember in the galactic map that we added special systems, that confer +1 comm/turn to those who held them? Well, I think we should make it so that you only get the bonus comm if your faction's leader is occupying the system. This complements the lore well, since in all the official leader descriptions it is always the leaders who "repair" or "awaken" or whatever other comms, and integrate them in their faction. So you can't send subcommanders to make comms for you. This way, we ensure that the galactic wars are not flooded with AIs, and we also give purpose to the homeworld. How do we do this? By making it so that a homeworld produces one subcommander per turn, even if the leader is not there. A subcommander that can then travel to and be deployed in any hotspot galaxy where battles are taking place (or stay behind to defend the homeworld, and so on).

Or, if we want to introduce more subcommanders to the game, we can say that a homeworld gives, not merely one subcomm per turn, but as many as the sum of all the comm-giving systems in the galaxy. Ground Zero has four such systems, so Ground Zero, when used as the basis for a homeworld, would give possessing faction 4 comms/turn.

Note that a cosmic turn (CT) is not the same thing as a galactic turn (GT).

So with this plan, different galaxies would have different values, and the more lucrative ones would be contested more hotly, and would be prized more as potential homeworlds. We just need to make sure that the extra comms do not flood the game with AIs, and that will depend on the number of players that will be playing, so we'll just have to see what happens and juggle the numbers accordingly. But in general, that's how I see homeworlds working now.
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