Lost Planet 2 (2010, 360)

By Sylvergun & dys / June 28, 2016

We're glad time has redeemed this game.
   Back when Lost Planet 2 was first released, there was heavy criticism and sales were poor (or so some sites claimed). But our crew didn't care. We played and replayed the game together countless times. Nowadays we see this held in better regard by players, and deservedly so.
   We remember back in 2006 when a game called Lost Planet came out for the Xbox 360. We were immediately impressed by the Vital Suits (big robots you jump into and steer) and the Akrids (giant bugs) you fight using your VS. Unfortunately however, the original Lost Planet was not a very good game despite these things. So when we heard it was getting a sequel, we didn't really pay it any attention for the longest time. What a mistake that was.

   Lost Planet 2 takes the strengths of the original game and develops them even further. It gets rid of weaknesses like actually taking itself seriously and the uninspired levels. We'll get this out of the way already now though, Lost Planet 2 is not a game meant to be played in single-player. It of course can be, but it would be a stupid decision. Where the game truly shines is in the co-op campaign, which is one of the best experiences we've ever had playing co-op.
   The game is a third-person shooter, a very Japanese one at that, with some rather heavy weight to its control scheme. In the campaign, you and up to three of your friends are given the very simple task of shooting the everliving crap out of all the Akrids that have come to mess up your planet. Simple as that. At your disposal you have a wide variety of weapons, various Vital Suits and a grappling hook. The Vital Suits of Lost Planet 2 have been, to put it simply, taken to the next level. Some suits require several players to properly operate, some can transform, there's one for every need basically. As you play through the game you'll be able to unlock ridiculous amounts of weapons, titles, emotes and costumes, as well.
   The game has very good replayability with several levels featuring secret routes and the silly things the game encourages and rewards you for doing, like entering the stomach of one of the bosses among other things. It features four different difficulty settings, ranging from easy to extreme, so you won't have to worry about difficulty being too easy or too hard. There's a full training mode which works fairly well too, if needed. If you and your friends die too many times and start arguing, there's a PVP multiplayer as well with plenty of game modes to mess around in.
   The campaign action is just flat-out fun and never gets stale thanks to much awesomeness. For starters, there are loads of ways in which you can complete stages. Want to be your team's sniper? Grab that rifle and bring it with you to the next stage. If not, grab that shield and earn bonuses for defending against bazookas and mech fire, or just jump on that gun turret over there and fire in your enemy's general direction. Go around a side path and solo two big Akrid while your team goofs off. Grapple onto a giant boss's limb and pump entire magazines of bullets into its weak point while it's actively stomping your allies.
   Want more awesome? Go into space skinned as a chick in skimpy armor and watch yourself do awesome things in character-accurate cutscenes. Battle in every '80s American movie classic setting — "battle in the jungle!", "battle in the slums!", "battle in the docks!", "battle on desert trains!" All this wrapped in a patriotic story about violent and ruthless war tribes united against a threat to their very planet (We won't lie, it took us like a year to understand this plot but there it is).
   But to get back more to the meat of the matter, as we mentioned earlier what really sets the game apart is the co-operative campaign. You won't get an experience like this anywhere else. In a time when co-op campaigns have been more and more getting discarded, it's a wonderful thing to see a game like this. Just how many other games let you have several players controlling the same robot together and using it to mow down giant alien bugs? We know we can't think of anything at least. We really can't possibly emphasize enough just how much simple stupid fun this game is. We know we've tried with this review, but the only way to truly convey what a joy this game is, is by getting people to play it.
   And for the PC users among you, who are having issues going online, whatever GFWL hassles people complain about, you can power through them. Hundreds of us have, and we're out here on helicopters shooting angry ice bugs. Grab some friends, or join some randoms who'll steamroll every stage for you. We promise, you'll only wish this whole ride lasted longer.