Pit People (2017, PC)

By Frantic / March 19, 2017

I bought this game based on the fact that it had an incredible 97% positive score from over 2300 reviews on Steam and Stamper voice acting. For the first hour or so I was very entertained by Stamper, but I noticed the combat felt extremely simplistic. By the last couple of hours I played it for I was half-convinced I was just not understanding the greatness that clearly must be there based on the reviews. After reading the negative reviews I think maybe I'm not crazy and the mechanics in general are extremely shallow.

   I get that some people probably really like the collectathon aspect of the game where you capture all these different creatures, but when it comes right down to it all you're really doing is moving characters to appropriate hexes and ending your turn while hoping they crit with their one attack which you don't even get to decide who it's used on in many cases. Even the gear you equip your characters with has no real effect besides a few preset options like sword with shield or sword with bigger shield. The sword might be a candy cane or a golf club and the shield might be a cake or a playing card, but that has absolutely no effect other than cosmetic customization.
   I just don't agree that the system is deeper than Pokémon's, as the Behemoth fanboys are claiming. I'd agree that it is very annoying that Pokémon churns out very similar games, but in this game's current state I don't think it's remotely near a Pokémon game. This to me feels much closer to an Android or iOS game at the moment, which is to say shit. And very ugly to boot, which is to be expected from Behemoth I guess.
   It seems like a lot of people are very loyal to Behemoth and I get that maybe they're also investing in the potential greatness of the game down the road, but as it stands this game is absolutely not one of the best games on Steam in my opinion like the ratings would have you believe. I hardly ever review anything unless I think the reviews are very skewed in a way I don't agree with and this is one of those cases. I do not at all believe this game is worth $15 in its current state, or the couple of hours it will take you to beat its campaign, but I understand why some people might buy it in good faith that it will be in the future and then some; they are the people too stupid to see that the Behemoth knows nothing about designing a tactics game, and that no amount of dev time will change this. To anyone else reading this please do more research on this game rather than relying on the empty hype if that $15 or your time matter to you.