Rust (2013, PC)

By SilverMoon / February 1, 2017

I've had Rust for a week at the time of writing this review. I have 50 hours at this point. What follows is a rundown of the various stages of your Rust playthrough, from wipe to wipe.

In the Beginning:

- You are given a randomly generated character, and spawn naked and afraid. I am a black male, finally I can use BBC in my online Rust dating profile. *If you can't handle this point, do not pass begin, do not collect 200 wood, GTFO.

- You have a rock and a torch, which are used to bash trees, animals, rocks and hordes of preteen nakeds that chase and kill you for no reason. Be careful! Trust no squeakers! And if you come across someone who doesn't kill you right away... BE CAREFUL! They are cunning and probably have a deeper, more mature psychopathic nature.

- Once you gather enough wood for spears, stuck a few naked preteens to death, and move your way up the food chain, you'll need a place to stash your goodies. Location is very important, you will need access to basic resources like fresh water, stone and wood, but also isolated enough to not attract the older, more geared players that will level your base and put you in the middle of their circlejerk while chanting "whats good ma dude" to completion before killing you... then picking you up saying "sorry brah, my bad, sorry man, want to join us?" IT'S A TRAP! They will kill you after five seconds whether you respond or not.

- Now after getting your vagina, or, in my case, an impressive BBC, pushed into the dirt a couple of times (a couple times being an understatement), you will establish a little 2x2 house that's quite isolated, some food in the chest, a nice pickaxe, hatchet and a roaring furnace. You might even be so lucky as to have a friendly neighbor. Well done, you have made it further than you would have for about 10 hours of your initial playtime. Don't let this discourage you from getting the game though! Or do, you salty noob.

The Middle:

- Now that you've ticked off two to three of Maslow's tiers it's time to have some fun.

- You will need to grow your arsenal and this can be done in a few ways depending on your skillset:
a) Do you like exploring and avoiding danger? Night time rad town runs might be for you!
b) Do you like adrenaline rushes and close calls with death? Killing geared players on their rad town runs might be for you!
c) Do you enjoy asserting your dominance over others, puffing up your own ego over those that clearly are helpless against it? Raiding the nakeds might be for you! *use of the "What's good ma dude?" slogan is optional.
d) Are you a PVP god and enjoy using the terms "Get Rekt" and "360 no scope"? Raiding other big boy clans might be for you! *A YouTube channel to upload tutorials on how to 1v5 is optional.

- Expect to get raided! No matter how isolated you are, how strong you think you are or how many slaves you've forced into hard labor on your hemp farm, there will come a time when you get raided. If you are lucky, your base could hold them off for long enough while you and your human shield of slaves fight them off, with all your cleverly placed traps, your double-stacked foundations and your triple-stacked walls. In most cases, however, you will get a rather efficient, high-pressured assrape that will usually take place when you are out shopping IRL.

- The aftermath of a raid: Once you come back to an empty house, you will go through the five stages of loss. Namely denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The only part we will discuss is acceptance, provided you didn't destroy your PC in stage 2. There are really only four options after a raid, and that again is dependent on your skillset:
Type a) players: Pick up your sleeping bag, if you still have it, and jog on.
Type b) players: Learn the weak spots of your base, rebuild, and hope you are online next time they come so that you can defend yourself.
Type c) players: Find a naked, take over their base and relocate. It is very important that you wait for the poor naked to come back to the base and beg for some of their gear back. Make sure you only reply with "Why so salty" before giving some gear back, and then proceeding to kill them.
Type d) players: This is what stirs your coffee! Call your boi's and start recording! It's time to make a counter raid video!

-The End:

Regardless of the server you choose, one thing is certain. All maps will eventually wipe. All your hard work, all the times you've laughed, you've cried, it all gets wiped like the blackboard of your maths class. What was it all for? What did you learn? Was it worth it? Will I ever use that knowledge in the future?
   In short. No.
   There is only a brief moment in time when you will be on top, or at the bottom, depending on your preference. One thing is for certain though, whatever you choose, it feels GOOOOOOOOD. I can best sum it up as a heroin rush, followed by addiction and hatred for yourself and your life choices.


Rust is an amazing game, and the best survival/crafting game available right now. But the thing that drives everyone, literally fucking everyone away from it, is its community. The community in Rust is quite possibly the most toxic group of people you will ever lay your eyes upon and you might truly think they all deserve to die. On modded servers where you don't have to farm for an hour before you're able to even think of getting a base, it's nigh impossible to play without a group of four people or more because you will be demolished by every squeaker who gets a waterpipe regardless of skill.
   Now on vanilla servers... where the gather rate is NORMAL... you will be out alone for a VERY long time and the second you run into one person with better things than you, you have to start over ALL. OVER. AGAIN. It's very repetitive unless you have a group of your closest friends to play with you so you don't get destroyed. On the decent side, again, Rust is a very amazing game without the community, with great building systems, radtowns to find and loot, and an amazing world to explore. But, once more, stay away from this game until the community grows up and finally finishes third grade, or you have a group of friends to enjoy the game with you.

Rust is Insomnia's 2013 Game of the Year.