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PC 1000 Orks

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PC 1000 Orks

Unread postby icycalm » 05 Nov 2022 21:51

1000 Orks @1000orks wrote:Game studio from Germany. Cinematic pixel art. Working on a PvP base defense game - more coming soon!
Funded by @nm_nordmedia.
business (at) 1000orks (dot) com

It sounds like a PVP They Are Billions... but with card mechanics. Note that "PVP base defense" is basically strategy. But it seems it's not full-blown strategy here as it seems constrained by various forms of mechanics. Which obviously isn't good. But an interesting feature is that "30 players compete in round-based matches".

Not much to see yet beyond some short clips on their Twitter, and a couple of tech demos on their YouTube channel. The coolest of the clips I give below, and the tech demos I link at the bottom. Their art looks much better in motion than in stills, so check the videos out. And it seems that they're introducing new tech to 2D pixel art with fog/wind etc. mechanics in the spirit of what the Songs of Conquest [ > ] team has been doing (they're retweeting tweets from Songs of Conquest, so in all probability they were directly inspired by it to make a pixel art game). Also, 50k units is impressive. Not sure if TAB went that high. That said, it doesn't look like there'll be microing of units, it looks like a macro-only game. The devs have said as much on Twitter, so I'll still be looking out for TAB2 to take the genre to the next level. It too should have PVP, after all, from what the devs have said.


Project "Legion Souls"

1000 Orks is currently developing a project under the working title Legion Souls, a Player-versus-Player Base Defense Card Game, where players take on the role of mighty magicians. They fight epic battles, summoning large armies and defenses to bring down their rivals.

Up to 30 players compete in round-based matches. Players choose one of several factions with different schools of magic. They summon hundreds of thousands of units to raze each other’s bases.

The project is characterised by:

  • The fusion of real time strategy and deckbuilding, as well as the

  • Combination of pixel art and modern rendering effects, and the

  • Simulation of hundreds of thousands of autonomous units.

The focus is on high level tactical decisions that result in epic, magical battles.

Next Gen Pixel Art? Simulating dynamic fog in our game


Turns out our map is too small for 50k units.


Devs have said on Twitter they're looking for a publisher, and then they'll make the Steam page, coming solely to PC.

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