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Massively multiplayer online games (MMOs)

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Massively multiplayer online games (MMOs)

Unread postby icycalm » 18 Jun 2017 16:22

Our first one was PlanetSide 2 [ > ], which we played for a few dozen hours with, at one point (circa 2014), I think 12 players on simultaneously. We've now shelved that until further notice. Basically, until we have 20+ people who can go on at the same time so we can try out the platoon mechanics properly.

Currently, we are playing Rust [ > ], with the maximum player count we've attained so far being five. I see us playing this for a few more weeks until we've done pretty much all that can be done in the game. Since the playercap on the largest servers is around 350, compared to PS2's reputed 2000, we don't need as many people to dominate a server, though of course the more the merrier as always.

I propose that the next game after Rust be Black Desert Online [ > ]. Since it's an MMORPG, and thus nowhere near as competitive and tough as PS2 and Rust, we could enjoy this game very well with just the typical 5- or 6-player RPG party, though, again, the more the merrier.

And after we are done with Black Desert, I propose we move on to Ark [ > ], about which I've written in its Online thread, and of which I'll be posting a very lengthy full review on the frontpage soon. That game is the biggest and toughest of all (also, reputedly the best), so I am leaving it for much later, to give us some time to build a larger team.

PS2 is free, Rust can be had for $10 on G2A, Black Desert for $10 on Steam, and Ark for §13 on Steam including its expansion if you bought it when I notified people of the sale a few days ago. So basically, if you pay attention to my notifications, you can be playing four MMOs with us, for at least a couple hundred hours, for around $33, which is just over half the price of a new game.

Post in this thread if you want to propose other MMOs for us to try, or discuss the order in which we should play them and related matters. Two other games I have in mind are EVE Online and Star Citizen. I want to jump into EVE as soon as possible, and play it concurrently with our current game, while Star Citizen is something I'd just like to check out briefly, to set up our guild/corporation/whatever while we wait for its full release.

One final point is that I am now posting updates on our MMO activity on Twitch, and it would help if people went on there and "liked" the updates and posted some comments, to show some activity for the benefit of potential recruits: ... aca8a8f2bf
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