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[PC] [ONE] Atlas

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[PC] [ONE] Atlas

Unread postby icycalm » 11 Jul 2020 10:25

It's been just about a week since we started playing Atlas, and as you can see I and several others played it pretty much like a full-time job. Archonus played it almost like two full-time jobs, and several more people like a part-time job. And all that's just week one! Welcome to FP4X.

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Unread postby Archonus » 04 Nov 2020 15:27

Atlas is scheduled to wipe on November 10.

Patch V513.8 - Market Patch and Wipe Date Announcement ... ment-r341/

Grapeshot Games wrote:Early next week, we are expecting to release the third part of the Trade System which will introduce the actual Trading functionality. In order to implement this, a wipe will be required. Currently, this is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 10.
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