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Unread postby icycalm » 23 Apr 2022 22:19

This forum used to be called "Ultimate Edition". I've now renamed it to "Roleplaying". Its purpose is to cover all TTRPGs (tabletop roleplaying games), GMRPGs (Game Master Roleplaying Games, which are TTRPG videogames), as well as licensed CRPGs. Licensed means that Baldur's Gate counts, but Mass Effect doesn't. Solasta also counts because, even though it has an original setting and adventure, the rules are licensed (D&D 5E). In short, if it was dreamt up by videogame developers, it's shit, so it doesn't count. If it was made by roleplaying authors, it's great so it counts. In the case of Baldur's Gate, the adventure is shit because it was written by videogame developers, but the setting and rule system rock because they were written by roleplaying authors. The Divinity: Original Sin games don't count because every aspect of them was made by videogame people. Even the tiniest little bit of content written by roleplaying authors elevates a game, so if any part of the game at all is licensed, it counts for inclusion in this forum.

If you put a thread in the wrong forum, no worries, I'll fix it, and there will always be borderline cases that will require a call on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, we have two subforums: Ultimate Edition, and Battlegrounds.


"Ultimate Edition" is where my game's rules go, and "Battlegrounds" is for content relating specifically to my setting.

Note that the "Ultimate Edition" subforum is further divided into two sections: stickied at the top are the Ultimate Edition book chapters, and right below them is a section for what GMs call "house rules", which are basically rules that I have modified in my game. However, since my game's rules are collectively known as Ultimate Edition, and are published, they aren't mere house rules: these modifications are also part of the Ultimate Edition rules, and to make this clear I have designated them with the UE tag, like so:


I've also renamed the relevant Discord channels to take into account the above classification changes. All this should make relevant content easier to find, especially when we need it fast, during play.

I am sure I've misplaced some threads during this reorganization, and I'll be fixing these as I find them. If you find any kind of error, bump the relevant thread and let me know.
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