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Cult Engine 4 (internal codename: Menyr)

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Re: Cult Engine 4 (internal codename: Menyr)

Unread postby icycalm » 06 Sep 2023 17:53

Live Showcase Montage - September 23 Update


New footage has emerged from Cult Engine 4 as Cult Games Paris works hard to update the beta in preparation for lifting the NDA on content creators.

Don't miss the blizzard effect at 10:05. "It looks like you don't want to be there" is about right.

There's so much detail that snow gathers on tree trunks on the side on which the wind is blowing, but not the other side. The GM has a slider for wind direction, and it affects everything including the leaning of the trees. Even film directors don't have such fine control of their scenes, it's incredible. Just watch a couple minutes starting at 10:05 to see this stuff.

We've been expecting weather effects in TaleSpire for years now, and TS still doesn't have them, but we weren't expecting THIS level of fidelity. I don't know if there are any games at all with this level, maybe RDR2. But RDR2 is boring. That's the fundamental difference with GMRPGs: they aren't boring. They will give you RDR2 level aesthetics but Paizo-level adventures, settings, and mechanics.

Watch him place a campfire at 13:48. It's like you're playing Rust. In fact you can start cutting trees down and building if the GM allows it and if he has building rules. But the building won't take 2 minutes, unless the GM is dumb. It will take weeks and months and years, and you can show the passage of time by speeding time up.
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