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Professional GMing

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Professional GMing

Unread postby icycalm » 16 Sep 2022 05:31

Just something I came upon randomly while searching for TaleSpire news:

Bethany Dillingham @DM_Opal wrote:Hi. Yes. Paid DM here. Been published in Polygon and Bloomberg Businessweek (Links at end of thread)

Yes, I run paid games. My services depend on the effort I put into a game. If it's a regular ol' module, not much prep required, or something I've already prepped?

$15 per 1/

Bethany Dillingham @DM_Opal wrote:player, per session.

If it's something homebrewed, higher level, or something I haven't prepped for ahead of time and have to prebuild, $20 per player, per session

If Im going all in, major investment. That is to say 3D Table top like TaleSpire? $30 per player per session


Bethany Dillingham @DM_Opal wrote:But to answer your question? You can make it your primary career, but it's a helluva lot of work. Lots of hours. ... ting-games ... eon-master

I am cheap compared to her lol, especially when I run a group twice a month, and especially considering my game must be 100x better than hers. Good to know.
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