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Planetary Annihilation Inc.

Unread postby icycalm » 17 Aug 2018 21:27 ... ans.73087/

panews wrote:Planetary Annihilation Inc. - The Future of PA and Titans

Hello Commanders,

It’s Planetary Annihilation: TITANS’ third birthday, and we have some very exciting news to share.

We are proud to announce the creation of Planetary Annihilation Inc, a new company with a team comprised of original PA developers and long-time community contributors. Our sole focus will be Planetary Annihilation and making PA into the best game that it can be, one ready to take full advantage of the many changes in technology since development started back in 2012.

None of this would have been possible without our dedicated community and so we will be opening up our communication to let you know what we are working on and experimenting with. No more radio silence!

We'll be launching an official Discord server next month. This will be a place for you to connect with other players, ask for help, share your awesome strategies and where we can engage with you to keep you informed on all the cool stuff going on.

As a thank you to everyone who purchased the original Planetary Annihilation we are permanently increasing the TITANS upgrade discount to 90% off!

This is just the beginning of the journey we’re embarking on. As we ramp up Planetary Annihilation Inc there will be more announcements about the shakeup of the 1v1 ladder and some big changes we are implementing to improve performance on newer hardware.

There are a lot of changes coming, so make sure you don’t miss anything by following us on Twitter @PA_the_game.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey, and remember: mine the gas giant, claim the asteroids, and never, under any circumstances, let them own the metal planet.

The PA Team ... st-1147981

I wrote:Wow, so unexpected.

I'd be interested to know exactly who the staff is. I am sure many others would be interested too.

Is this company owned by Uber? Will the rights to PA be transferred?

So many questions...
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Uber forum reorganization

Unread postby icycalm » 17 Aug 2018 21:42

Also, the Uber forum has been radically reorganized.

Screenshot_2018-08-17 Planetary Annihilation.png

Before, the forums at the top were related to Uber, and below there was an "Uber games" section, with PA and the MNC games. Now PA has ITS OWN section, and MNC and Uber are lumped together below.

Also, an "admin" account created in 2009 that no one has ever seen is back and very active. Not posting anything, but silently reorganizing things.

It's really a dream come true for me. The only fly in the ointment is, of course, mikey, who by the wording of the announcement is certainly in the team. I only hope they have him just coding, and away from active admining and customer relations. It's a long shot, I know, but a man needs hope.

If they announce work on an expansion I'll have a heart attack.
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New official PA site

Unread postby icycalm » 21 Aug 2018 12:08

There will definitely be one, because look at the site linked from the new Twitter:

Planetary Annihilation

Currently, it redirects to the Uber Titans site (, but I would expect the new site any day now, otherwise they wouldn't have revealed the URL on Twitter. And when it comes, a lot of things should be revealed.

Commence the daily refreshing!
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Unread postby icycalm » 25 Aug 2018 00:34 ... ans.73101/

panews wrote:Multithreading - The Future of PA and Titans

@Sorian is back working on server simulation performance with multithreading this month and we have a technical update to share on his work for the next update.

Two years ago I was given the opportunity to continue work on my baby, Planetary Annihilation, for the 99337 Performance Update. My primary focus was attempting to improve performance by multithreading parts of the simulation. My initial focus was on areas of the simulation where I thought it would be easiest to do things in parallel. The most natural separation was based around planets.

Since navigation and physics are typically the worst performance offenders, separating updates by planet seemed like a good plan. Their updates tend to only act on a single entity. Initial testing blew up spectacularly, as I expected it would. Fortunately, there were not many areas of contention between threads and a performance win was born.

So, now that I am back, you may be wondering what I am working on now. I’ll be continuing right where I left off! This time I am digging further into the sim to see where I can split large groups of tasks over threads to speed things up. Early this week I was focused on the physics update. I figured, since we should only be looking at two unique physics objects at the same time, it should be possible to thread this.

Well, I was right and wrong. There were the usual small issues to fix, but threading the physics update revealed a larger issue. The physics system utilizes an HGrid (described as a loose octree) to find potential entity overlaps using a function called buildPairs. It turns out that there is no guarantee that the vector of pairs that we get back does not contain duplicates. Under normal operation this isn’t a huge issue, as this is a single call that immediately returns and it was just being done thousands of times more than it needed to be. However, when you throw threading into the mix it gets ugly. Fixable, but ugly.

I have also started work on restructuring the sim tick a bit to allow the navigation and physics updates to happen alongside other updates. Right now I have it running alongside the economy update, but the economy update is only a small part of the overall update, so not much of a win there yet. I am hoping to split some of the plan steps (our sim has plan, execute, and record steps for entities) out into a group that can also run at the same time as the navigation/physics update.

For the navigation system, I have been mainly focusing on the epic number of allocations the navigation system does during voxel integration. I have a new system in place that saves off vectors of cost cells (the objects the integrator makes tens of thousands during voxel integration) for reuse. The integrator is also doing a better job of allocating in blocks instead of individually. On the multithreading front, the navigation system has proven to be quite difficult. There are so many little acceleration features and so much lazy loading that is simply prevents multithreading without a significant amount of work.

So, what’s next? There is still more work to be done with navigation, there is still the sim tick stuff to be investigated, and some AI updates as well (of course), starting with a much needed performance pass. And that doesn’t even get into other fun stuff like modern toolchain and Coherent GT updates.

Mike “Sorian” Robbins

I skipped half of it but I think I got the gist: faster sim. Bring it on, dude!
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New PA site is live

Unread postby icycalm » 05 Sep 2018 18:01

New website but with the same exact content as the old Titans site:

No mention anywhere of who PA Inc. belongs to, who is working on the game now, etc. So it's 100% sure that the secretive mikey is behind everything, and doing his best to hide as much as he can, which of course is retarded when you are trying to get people to support you and play your damn game.

The forum has also had a redesign:

Interestingly, the Uber-related forums "will be archived in September", which suggests that Uber is about to shut down.

So farewell Uber, you were amazing while you lasted, even if you sucked at PR, and god help us with mikey's even worse manic-obsessive nerdy handling of PA's future.

EDIT: Though Uber's site has a "coming soon" sign up, so maybe they are just reinventing themselves into a 100% shovelware maker, which is the same thing as shutting down, as far as gamers are concerned:
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Unread postby icycalm » 26 Aug 2020 17:02

Pretty incredible news for PA today. There's a new PTE build (testing branch) that makes some radical changes to the game.

114845-pte ... pte.73501/

panews wrote:Deep Space Radar returns to TITANS in a new role as a system wide planetary surface and air radar.

Vanguard is now a short range radar jammer.

Deep Space Radar

  • Updated name and description
  • Range: system wide planetary surface and air radar
  • Build cost: 4,800
  • Health: 1,500
  • Energy consumption: 15,000


  • Updated description
  • Radar now requires energy efficiency of 90%
  • Added radar jamming which also requires energy efficiency of 90%

TODO: Client side visualisation of radar jamming range.

The Deep Space Radar was a structure in the original version of PA that was removed for Titans and readded in my Insomnia Legion mod. And now mikey is putting it back in Titans, years after he banned my mod. Good on him. However, going by his description of its new role, I think he screwed it. DSR was supposed to give you system-wide ORBITAL radar, but now it gives you system-wide planetary surface and air radar, which basically makes normal radars pointless, while STILL giving players universal orbital radar for free from the start of the game. This is even more dumbed-down than normal Titans radar rules.

Having said that, the great news is that he added in radar-jamming for the first time in PA, by giving this ability to the Vanguard unit. This is in SupCom, and that's a welcome increase of PA's already huge tactical complexity. However, he did it hamfistedly again by repurposing an existing unit instead of adding a new one. And indeed, he should have added several new ones: a land, an air, and a naval radar-jamming unit.

The good news is that all the above screw-ups should be fixable in modding. It should be trivial to keep the DSR in its original role in our Insomnia Legion mod, and now that radar-jamming has been added as a feature, it should be trivial to take this ability from the Vanguard and give it to some of the ex-Legion units that have been repurposed in our mod as T2 and T4 units. Plenty of them are duplicate units looking for a new role (simply because the original Legion mod is largely a duplicate unit mod), and radar-jamming would sort a few of them out. A radar-jamming submarine would be great too, as you wouldn't even be able to see it. And of course a radar-jamming orbital unit would make the already vastly more complex orbital mechanics of my Insomnia Legion mod even more complex.

So all we have to do now is wait for these changes to make the jump from PTE to the normal game, and then we can go to town, quickly too if Robo feels like getting back into PA modding, or slower if I have to do it on my own. We'll see.
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Unread postby Ciaróg » 25 Jun 2021 09:30

PA wrote wrote:The time of the unicorn is over, and now, the time of Fusion begins. It represents the beginning of great change.


They finally got rid of the hideous Unicorn commander on the game's profile banner on Steam and the opening screen when you launch the game! The new Fusion commander looks like it could be a teaser for some new expansion pack or at least the shields they keep promising but maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

Coming later this year in Fusion updates:

Toolchain and performance updates
Default continuous build with view of build queue
Improved map selection (map packs no longer required)
New game lobby system preview (including metal spots)
UI unicode font updates with emojis
Defeated player and spectator vision options eg defeated unshared player can only view team
Faster mod mounting, uploading and downloading
Server mods support for Galactic War
AI updates

I am cautiously optimistic that there will be more major changes and updates to the game and they aren't just teasing slight balance tweaks.
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