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Cosmic War

Clan Wars #18: January 13, 22:00 UTC

Moderator: JC Denton

Clan Wars #18: January 13, 22:00 UTC

Unread postby icycalm » 13 Jan 2018 13:52


Still haven't decided what system to use, but I got donations from pXs and BSE so far, and CULT should have three-four players at least, plus one or two random teams depending on whether more clans show, so it's looking like a full lobby again. Of course we'll have a gas giant to test the new Jig/Rig mechanics. If all goes according to plan we can have a gas giant in every game from now.

Remember: the Jig (T3) produces only energy now, and the Rig (T4) only metal.

We are trying to get the mod up on CMM so people with slow connections can install the client portion, which is 200MB+, and only have to download the much smaller server portion (about 10MB) when entering the lobby.

Watch this thread for updates throughout the day.
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