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Insomnia Battle Royale #6

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Insomnia Battle Royale #6

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Dec 2020 08:21


Battle Royale #6 system: ... yale-6.pas

This week we're going huge with a 1,300 planet for the Battle Royale event. Never made such a big planet before, and I've never seen anyone else go so big either, and certainly not in FFAs. They usually top out at around 900. Note that 1,300 is the max allowed by the System Designer. I think it's possible to go beyond this, but you need to manually edit the system file.


Check how small the commander and bot factory seem on the surface of this planet. It feels like a real planet, with massive poles, and wide bands of different regions: forest, desert and the like. And there's a huge "Mediterranean" spanning half the planet, for naval conflicts, plus a bunch of big "seas"/lakes. Most of it is ground though, and there's 99 metal spots to fight over. Not too much, but I didn't want to risk flooding the planet with units quickly and slowing the server down 30 minutes in.

We played a 7-player FFA on the planet earlier, and it lasted over an hour, with no lag.

7-player PA FFA with icycalm and The Cult

Looking forward to trying it with 10+ people in a few hours!
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