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Unread postby icycalm » 30 Dec 2020 16:55

The four Cosmic War events are: Insomnia Clan Wars, Insomnia Clan League, Insomnia Battle Royale, and Insomnia King of the Planet. More information about them can be found in this forum, and on the Cosmic War site:

To join them, CULT players must be pledged at the Superplayer tier on Patreon, and non-CULT players need to have an active Cosmic War subscription, which can be purchased at this link for $10/month:


Out of the four events, three are already running: Clan Wars, Battle Royale, and King of the Planet, and new subscribers can join them immediately. The fourth event, the Clan League, will require at least three participating clans, and we don't quite have that yet. When we have it, that event will begin too.

As for the main event, Clan Wars, it will run every Saturday at 3 PM UTC (with the Battle Royale taking place right after), as long as we have at least 3 clans, with at least 2-3 players in each. If we don't have this, we'll run a Clanless War instead, with the rules explained here:

Both events are awesome, and in fact the Clanless Wars might even be better, as I'll be explaining soon in a new essay titled "Clan Wars versus Clanless Wars". Look for it on soon.

Don't leave your subscription for the last minute before an event, because you will be told to wait for the next weekend. Get it sorted out early, so I know what kind of War to plan.

See you on Discord this Saturday at 3 PM UTC, and for many Saturdays after. These events will be running come hell or high water until a better strategy game than PA is released, at which point we will move the events over to the new game. Absolutely nothing can stop these events, as we have our own private server and also our own private copy of the game (which we'll use if someone tries to stop us for being too awesome). There 'aint no stopping this train, baby, so hop aboard or have fun playing lame 1v1s or Age of Empires or some shit.
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