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Insomnia Clanless Wars #2

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Insomnia Clanless Wars #2

Unread postby icycalm » 02 Jan 2021 15:41

For Clanless Wars #2 I have designed the biggest system ever made for PA, and certainly the biggest system ever used in an event, featuring not one, but TWO 1,300-radius planets. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...


Ultimate Bicephalic:




This system has been designed as the ultimate slugfest, with maximum surface area for a dual-planet system and no game-ending weapons to stop the multi-hour war that will ensue. I love Annihilasers and smashable planets and asteroids as much as anyone, but in a system with two planets those can end the game pretty quick, and that's not what we want for Clan Wars, so you'll be seeing that stuff in larger systems, and especially when we have more players, but not in this one.

Both planets have 100 metal spots, so no matter which you choose, you'll have what it takes to survive and thrive. The earth planet, Euphoria, has a very long and complex sea region (and please don't call it "pond"; it's massive) dominating one side of the planet, plus massive land area on the other side, and both areas have enough metal to be competitive, including many half-way options in between.

Only Euphoria is a starting planet. I did this because if you make both planets landable on a two-planet system there's always the danger that most players/teams will go on one planet, leaving the other one free for one player or team, who will therefore probably end up winning the game. By forcing all sides to land on only one of the planets, you ensure that whatever they choose, no player will have free reign on a planet DUE TO CHANCE, but only if the teams are lazy and don't try to travel to the second planet. This setup also guarantees that we'll see heavy orbital game right from the start; and with Ubermod's secret early-game orbital mechanics, and with Hades' massive 1,300 size, this guarantees thrilling clandestine orbital traveling and colonization in the early game.

This system takes AGES to load, so be patient in the lobby. Remember that it's much larger than the last Clan War's, and with much more metal to boot, so expect lag at some point, but it shouldn't be too bad.

See you on the battlefield!

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