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Unread postby Mike T. » 13 Mar 2018 19:06

Former Halo, Battlefield Devs Announce Scavengers, A Third-Person Shooter ... ounce.html
Mike T.

Unread postby Masahiro9891 » 15 Jan 2019 00:25

You can sign up to playtest in 2019 on the official site. ... a80235b746

Josh Holmes wrote:When we founded Midwinter, it was with the goal of creating innovative, shared experiences for millions of players around the world. At Midwinter we believe the strongest and most meaningful bonds are forged in the face of adversity. Our mission is the creation of togetherness — the feeling that comes from working together to overcome obstacles and accomplish great things. This is a feeling we strive for with the games we create, between our team members here at the studio and within the community we hope to build around Midwinter and our games in the years to come.

Today, we’re excited to announce our first title in development: Scavengers.

Scavengers is a multiplayer “co-opetition,” where teams of players compete to survive while exploring a vast frozen wasteland populated by hordes of smart AI. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 and we’re leveraging a cloud-based platform called SpatialOS to support our vision for a dynamic, living game world. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the team at Improbable, who are providing funding for the development of Scavengers. We’ll be collaborating as we build the game and our work will help inform future development of tools and workflows within SpatialOS.

Announcement Trailer - Game Awards 2018:
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CULT LIVE: Scavengers

Unread postby icycalm » 02 Jun 2021 14:02

There was a "technical playtest" on March 14 last year and I reported on it in the Alpha/Beta thread:

I participated and streamed, but it was under NDA and you weren't supposed to stream, so I named the video thus:

sekrit geam with icycalm

I was not even allowed to publish impressions at that time, but now they've run a lot more tests and the game released, and it's okay.

So... I didn't like the game. It was in teams of three, but no CULT people joined me, so I played with two randoms. Decent chaps, we did okay. I played only one round. It was a typical battle royale, with some PVE and traveling thrown in, and some survival elements I guess (surviving snow storms or whatever). It's been over a year and I barely remember anything and don't feel like rewatching my stream, but I do remember being glad to stop playing. There was nothing special about the game. The survival aspects were grossly underdeveloped, the setting was meh (good idea, meh execution), and the gunplay was uninspired. The game had nothing cool about it. And it looked meh too.

That said, the game was very early at the time, and I don't have experience playing games very early. Looking at the latest screens and trailer, it has progressed a lot since then. It released on May 1, and can be played for free on Steam, Epic and consoles.

Player reaction seems "mixed".

Teams are still made up of three. I thought they would increase the size, but no. Tbh, between this and Apex—the major 3P BR—I'd rather play Apex, and I don't much like Apex either, my full review is here:

I should have posted these impressions last year, but I've been slacking on the CULT LIVE aspect of the site. I'll be rectifying this soon. The reason I remembered the game today was because of this:

Scavengers will today test up to 5000 players in a shared environment ... nvironment

When I saw that I was like woah, is that a new Scavengers? But no, it's the same game, and as the article says they've run another large-scale test before for 1800 players. Some screens from that previous test:



It looks like a Dead Rising, not a BR lol. 5000 players is 250% of what PlanetSide 2 managed.

Wesley Yin-Poole wrote:"This is an opportunity for players to get a first look at the unprecedented scale and gameplay possibilities of ScavLab," Holmes said.

"We'll test features and gameplay ideas with up to 5000 players in a shared environment - with the potential to host many more in future events. Our main goal is to make an experience that people want to join for the fun of it, and we'll be trying out a lot of things with every ScavLab event as we aim to achieve that. We hope the community is willing to join us on this wild ride."

Midwinter folk, I don't know what you're planning, and it sounds like you don't either, but you have my attention now.
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