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The Insomnia 1960s-2020s Game of the Decade Awards

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The Insomnia 1960s-2020s Game of the Decade Awards

Unread postby Discord BOT » 18 Dec 2019 05:06

CULT|Some guy
lol: ... _new_genre

Push Square wrote:Game of the Decade: Dark Souls Laid the Foundations for a New Genre
Prepare to die


This a joke article?
It laid the foundations for what?
The stupid convention of going back to grab your souls?
Or autistic dodge-rolling?
Game of the Decade is Rust no contest
Previous decade, GTA3
Previous decade probably Civ. I need to play Deus Ex to make sure, if 2000 counts as '90s
Previous decade Wing Commander if 1990 counts as '80s
Previous decade... I was 2 years old so my guess isn't very good
But I would guess either Adventure or Mystery House
Probably Adventure

CULT|Some guy
Wouldn't the '90s be 1990 - 1999?

Previous decade Spacewar
Hmmm I guess so
In that case, let me see
'60s Spacewar
'70s Adventure
'80s The Super Shinobi baby, the epitome of 2D action in the decade, and probably of all time
'90s Civ
'00s GTA3
'10s Rust
I should make a feature of this
It'd be best if my reviews of all this stuff was up
But I can make an equivalent page to the GOTY one with a paragraph on each game
It's amazing how consistent my theory is
Because Rust is Civ + GTA3
More precisely, Civ + Far Cry 2, because Rust is FP like FC2
But GTA3 takes the spot from FC2 for the 00s because it came first. All that FC2 did was change the camera
Hmmm, NOW is the best time for this feature because the 10s will be over in two weeks!
Good timing with that link, Rory
And I guess this feature will be updated in ten years, if I am still alive
Though if something earth-shattering comes out earlier, I'll provisionally update it

CULT|Some guy
Runners up for each decade?

No runner-ups make the choices harder, and focus everyone's attention on my justifications
I don't think I'll do runner-ups for this list
It's meant to convey a narrative, the path to the ultimate genre
The narrative will get obscured if I have to justify 3x the number of games
Though I'll think about it
I'll start with the winners, and then maybe do a test of how the page would look if I added runner-ups
I could for example not include justifications for the runner-ups. Just post the titles in smaller font
Wolfenstein is responsible for FC2s greatness and Minecraft for Rust's, but they weren't good games themselves, just good tech demos for technologies that good games could use
I could have a special tech demo corner
Tech demo of the Decade
The retards don't even mention Demon's Souls
Dark Souls is the meme of the decade, that's for sure
HAHAHAHA Demon's Souls is a 2009 game
Doesn't even qualify for this decade
This is what I am up against
This is my competition
They don't even know how to google

Idiots! I was about to write about Demon's Souls.

CULT|Some guy



(I'm a fan of the series, but yeah, "game of the decade" my ass).

CULT|Some guy
Bro everyone knows Undertale is the true game of the decade

That black girl covering her vagina lol

CULT|Some guy
Followed by Papers, Please and that game about masturbating a gear stick

What? What game is that?

CULT|Some guy wrote:Stick Shift by Robert Yang
short driving game about pleasuring your car


Man, that's the game by the that dude that dared to tell Warren Spector no one cares about his opinion about making games on Twitter. The nerve of that guy...

I've never seen a game which its entire content could be portrayed in a gif.

CULT|Some guy
Game of the '00s is obviously Portal guys

Even in this genre the "indies" are merely debasing older games
Look up Amiga "Party Games"
Same genre, far more complex

CULT|Some guy

Party Games - Amiga Game / Games - Download ADF - Lemon Amiga
Party Games is an Amiga sex educational game released in (unknown) by (unknown). Click for screenshots, downloads, cheats and more info!

Game of the '90s is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I mean it says legend in the title, it is a true legend guys


DonGregorioYJack wrote:Juego para Amiga 500 Party Games (No recomendado para menores de 18 años)


The sex is censored because it's YT but you can see what happens
You see sex scenes and wiggle the stick to pass
There is masturbation too

CULT|Some guy

Of course Party Games itself merely debased the old sports games like California Games etc.
Popular early arcade games
Those were fun for what they were

There’s already a solid candidate for game of the next decade btw, see if you can guess it

CULT|Diamond Dawg
If Star Citizen delivers on even half of what it's promising, it'll be my game of forever
I mean, uh, Dark Souls 5


Yep, should be done just in time for the end of the decade

CULT|Hanged Man
Sounds optimistic
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Unread postby Discord BOT » 18 Dec 2019 11:15

I am writing this now, should be up soon
It'll be a watershed in vg criticism and theory
And unlike the GOTY feature which will always be a work in progress, this will be done right now
I will only need to update it maybe once or twice a decade, and the previous choices will never be changed
Game of the Decade is simply too big to get wrong
Like with Newton or Darwin or Einstein
You don't get these wrong
Unless you're a gamer or game journalist I guess. Then you think that "Dark Souls" is important

The GOTD feature is about 60% done
I am still writing, and if I don't collapse from exhaustion it should go up in an hour or two
I replaced Super Shinobi with Pitfall, for reasons that will become clear when you read the feature, but all the other choices are the same
Not a single non-Western game in the list btw
The first four decades are American, and the last two British
All Anglos
Maybe the baton will be passed back to America with Star Citizen
Originally posted in the Insomnia Discord.

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Unread postby icycalm » 18 Dec 2019 16:12

The wait is over, and the most important game awards ever, the Insomnia Game of the Decade awards, are live. Though I am happy to endlessly discuss them here with readers and contributors, all choices are final, and will never be revised, because one doesn't mistake Newton, Darwin and Einstein. Lower figures can be over- or under-estimated, but not the giants. If you mistake the giants you are blind as a bat, and simply know nothing of science; or, in this case, of videogames and art in general.

The Insomnia 1960s-2020s Game of the Decade Awards

Though it's posted on Patreon, I have made the feature publicly viewable for the benefit of the artform, and especially of the kind of Poor Souls who think that "Dark Souls" is somehow an important game. Enjoy, and expect an update about ten years from now. Perhaps earlier, if some kind of clearly revolutionary game appears before that time. I spent the last section of the feature foreshadowing what I expect that game to look like, so we'll have a pretty good idea what to watch out for as we follow the roster of upcoming games roll in via Insomnia's HYPE and PLAY sections on the frontpage in the coming years and decades.
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