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PC|MAC Project 5: Sightseer

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PC|MAC Project 5: Sightseer

Unread postby icycalm » 31 May 2021 03:38 ... Sightseer/

This is a two-year-old Rust clone. It's noteworthy because you generate an entire spherical planet at the start, plus much of the building and exploration happens in zoomed-out third-person a la city-builders. There's some PVP, though I suspect the server pop will be small. Aesthetics are generic, especially the building models, but the environments seem nice.

Really the only reason I am posting this is the spherical planets.


If only Rust had them. Atlas has it, but you don't see it as a sphere. It works as a sphere, but you can't zoom out as in PA. It makes sense considering you are pirates and it's not sci-fi.

This is the best pic of Project 5 I've come across, showcasing lighting and weather effects:


The rest are too uninspiring to bother posting here. Go on Steam and check them out if you're interested.
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