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PC|XS|ONE|PS4 Conan Exiles

Unread postby icycalm » 05 Feb 2022 01:11

Conan Exiles 2021 Year in Review: Producer's Letter ... 5190614534

With an eye on the future, we’ve also spent a good portion of the year planning and figuring out the best way to support our game for the long run. We are committed to Conan Exiles, it’s one of the greatest successes we have had at Funcom and we want it to become the best it can be. For that purpose, we have been growing our staff over the year and created a new Live team that is dedicated to the maintenance, support, and daily operations of the game.

I can’t wait to spill the beans on what is coming in the future



Never realized this game had beasts and ships like this. We've tried it two-three times but never played more than a session because the servers were dead. Which is crazy given how popular it is, and how many expansions it's got, and is still getting. But that's how it is with any game of this type except Rust, because unlike Rust the rest have irregular wipe schedules and you just don't know when the fuck they will wipe. And when they do wipe, they don't last long, because of tiny server sizes (max 64 players compared to Rust's 500).

The solution is what dan did, who played PVP with his friends. I think 5v5 or something. They played a few dozen hours this way, and this is what we'll try too at some point. We might be able to set up a 10v10 at some point on our server. Should also do this with ARK and a couple other games. Just take a couple weekends off our regular games and do it.
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