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Rustafied blog

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Nov 2020 16:20

Aside from running the most popular servers, Rustafied also runs a blog that gives advance info on the game before Facepunch themselves, and often also before Shadowfrax. Even when the info is available elsewhere, they do tend to break things down in more detail, so their blog is worth keeping an eye on.

One problem with their blog is that it doesn't seem to contain permalinks to their various posts, so you can only link their frontpage, or previous pages by page number, but these latter are useless as links because, as new content gets published, the content you linked to in a previous page gets pushed to older pages. The only way I have found to get permalinks is to copy-paste a sentence from the post you want to link to on Google (placed in "" so you get exact results), and that will bring up the permalink on the Google search results. It's annoying, but it works. That's how I got the permalink below.

So what just caught my eye is that there are THREE upcoming vehicles, instead of two as I thought before. We knew about the drone and the carts from Shadowfrax, but not about the crane. Sounds pretty awesome! It should be a great addition to the garage, and will probably need to be encased in chain link fence and overhead grilles like the large furnace. ... and-drones

Rustafied wrote:Upcoming vehicles: Drones, Carts, and Cranes!

There are three new vehicles in the pipeline, all on separate branches (so limited details on each).

First, the Work Cart, which looks to be a railroad track based cart which players will be able to drive. Given it has an engine, it’ll run on fuel (most likely low grade). Now where exactly will we find these and what will we use them for? Details haven’t been released, but the commits speak of train tunnels and overpasses, so we can guess some form of mining operation. Maybe integrated in the existing cave system / map? And it’d make sense then that the Work Carts help transfer resources out of the tunnel. All speculation, we’ll see soon enough.

Second up we have the Crane, which although on the ‘vehicles’ branch, is less of a vehicle and more of a tool. Word is this will be a magnetic crane which allows players to scrap cars for good scrap and resource return. A new way to get resources from items in the existing environment? Nice!

Finally, the Drone. This appeared in a new branch week but there’s been concept art for this item floating around for years now. Although there’s only been 3 commits, we can see the drone has been implemented and basic AI control has been added to fly to a position. Will these be just for surveillance or will they have some other capabilities? Only time will tell.

We’ll have more details on all of these as it comes to light.

Rustafied wrote:More phone booths

Expect to see some more phone booths around the map in the near future as the ability to append a phone name with a map grid code has been added. That basically allows for phones to be placed at every gas station, supermarket, and more around the map.

I also love this addition. Now you'll be able to tell the exact location of each phone number in the directory, so you can call your neighbors specifically instead of random bases across the map. I was planning to include our grid code in our phone name anyway, and I will do it for this wipe, but from next week it looks like it'll be automatic.

We can also do things like name our phone "Call for alliance", etc. Lots of things can be done with the phones that no one has figured yet.

This is another cool addition:

Rustafied wrote:Added support for promoting players to team leader from the app

The more things you can do from the app, the better.
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Re: Rustafied blog

Unread postby icycalm » 29 May 2021 14:08

New details from the blog:

I can’t direct link because there don’t seem to be any permalinks.

The gist of it is that the new animal models look fantastic plus new AI behaviors that will enable animals to form packs like wolf packs. Should be especially deadly in the early-game.

Work on the submarines is progressing too, but it’s not clear if they’ll be included in the next update. The animals will probably be included. If you add them to the new graphics and weather effects it should make Rust look more current-gen and help it remain the most technically accomplished game in the genre.

I am doing all I can to be available for the monthly wipe next week, either on Thursday or Saturday, if more people prefer Saturday. Expect an announcement soon. We are definitely playing next week, and we gotta get a game plan.
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