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Tales from the Verse

Unread postby icycalm » 16 Oct 2022 20:00 ... der_hobocy

Jurserohn wrote:Piracy vs Murder Hobo-cy

Going around bombing people in ROCs is not piracy. That's just murder. Personally, I have a lot of respect for a good pirate, but zero for a murderer. Yesterday, I encountered both.

A fine young space ne'er-do-well snuck onto my ship yesterday, and proceeded to hold me hostage briefly (ultimately realized I didn't have anything and just let me bring him back to HIS ship.) This was a very cool moment in the game for me. It was immersive, surprising, and a lot of fun trying to negotiate my way out of that situation. A pirate created that great experience for both of us.

A little later, I'm breaking out my ROC for its first mining trip. As I leave the cargo bay of my cutlass, I'm blown to shit by someone. No warning, nothing. A gratuitous waste of time for both of us. Had this player tried to interact with me in any way other than "F*** YOU (ign)!!!!" A murderer created that crappy experience for both of us.

Guys if you wanna kill someone, at least try to extort 'em first instead of just firing missiles from a distance on a mining vehicle.

Share your stories of your encounters with pirates and/or murderers!

Canopus2662 wrote:I play medic with my friend we even got a white armor with red chest, fly with a cutlass red, xD got guns ofc in case people need a resurection in a bunker

I had great experiences with people needing resurection in bunker filled with hostiles AI or even me and my teammates breaking into a bunker with players criminals and we kill them and we die as well but our medic guy goes in to save the client

Honestly it had great experiences with pirates who kill dudes but don’t finish them, had fun doing that bunker break through

Then I had a dude do a beacon, we arrive he says the place is empty, it is

We land after several scans only his ship

An eclipse arrives and bombs our ship

Three dudes comes out of the woods and shoots us camping at ladders

We come back we had to take hour fighters, we wipe them, but it’s fine ambushes can happen

We reach our client, get him to one of our ship, a fourth man arrive and tried to shoot us on ground we killed him

The client then shot us, trying to kill us, we killed him tho, that was a personally bad experience as a medic, I don’t mind getting ambushed cuz people are camping a dude, but man the client making a trap is genuinely sad because we don’t get to feel like heroes saving the day or anything so it’s just plain sad

CrapWereAllDoomed wrote:I saw a vid of a guy that got ambushed. He killed the other dude, stripped him, revived him, pumped him full of meds to overdose him and then left him.

Neile1977 wrote:I got pirated in my freelancer, guy jumped me in a cutty blue, blocked quantum and used emp on the shields, he asked for 20k, I chose to fight and died. I respawned grabbed my Aries Inferno headed back to Aberdeen found his cutty blue and cut it in half with the massive dakka cannon looted most of my stuff back and lobbed the rest off a cliff in case he came back for his body... Good fun to be fair.

foghornleghorndrawl wrote:I came across a Cutty black one day. The ramp was up but I knew the owner was coming back. He opens the ship and I sneak onboard. I stayed behind him and only moved when he moved. He went into the flight cabin, but turned around and returned to the cargo bay, walking right past me. I then started to walk behind him again, until he eventually did a 180 and found me. Before I could wiggle or say hi, he blasted me. When I woke up, we talked in global and he was surprised I didnt press charges against him. What he didnt know was that I went to klesher and couldn't, but even if I hadn't I wasnt going to. I tried to pirate him, and failed because he was vigilant.

Another instance, my friend and I were flying my Super Hornet to go check out his STV on a nearby moon. We found an MSR with the ramp open. I snuck onboard and hid in a bathroom. Friend took my Hornet and flew a short ways away outside scanning range. The MSR pilot returns and loads an URSA onboard then takes off. I sneak into the flight deck and over voice say "Pilot, get out of the seat, do not draw your weapon. Pilot! Get out of the seat, do not draw your weapon. You have 10 seconds to comply!" He was wearing the RSI Zeus suit from the pledge store. Instead of murdering him, I ordered him to pay me 50k sauce. And he paid. I then ordered him to get back into the pilot seat and to open the ramp so I could jump off. My friend then picked me up in my Hornet and we flew off.

Proper piracy can happen. And it's so fun to pull off.

VariousPositive5999 wrote:Crime stat 6 UEE Navy gets involved starts sending in drop ships with SRT teams in to take you out, you wake up in a military installation in front of a tribunal sentencing you to 20 in game hours of only being able to fly small cargo ships to do box missions as your penance. Weapons locked.

Citizen_DerptyDerp wrote:"Guys if you wanna kill someone, at least try to extort 'em first"

I don't think that would have worked well for me yesterday, when I just made it inside Barton Flats from the prison before a Vaguard wielding maniac turned up...

They eventually got out and came into the building, I rushed them with all the unarmed skills I've picked up playing naked Star Marine (not as kinky as it sounds) and somehow managed to grab them before they could kill me... I took their ship (as they foolishly left it open) and flew it to Lorville.

There aren't many bounty hunters you can really bargain with... But when they eventually have to take you in alive, I'm going to have a lot of revenge.

HAPPYK1096 wrote:I have only been pirated once, or rather it was an attempt.

Flying about doing some bunkers minding my own business I spot a random ship come on the radar. Next thing I know 2 missiles fired at me. Get told to drop what I'm carrying or else. After a short conversation I agree. I move my ship alongside open my cutty doors but not before setting my auto destruct. Guy had just enough time to get aboard my empty ship before BANG him my ship and I also presume their own along with it. Only other encounter with murderers though, doing a bunker just about to leave when the lift comes down with 2 players. Rinsed me and my mate. Not a word or anything. Kept them boxed in the bunker on our return by taking mission after mission located at the same bunker and destroying any other ship that showed up so they couldn't leave. Made quite a bit of money from that in fact. Whoever you were thanks for that.

DANGER-RANGER- wrote:I hid under a URSA parked in a carrack I found landed with the hangar ramp down. When the owner came back and launched I got out, went up to the bridge and held a shotgun to his head and Said "give me all your gear or I'll shoot" he had a railgun and a lightning sniper. A full set of heavy armor, lots of medpens, food, ammo and a heavy backpack half full of mining shit and a medgun/hand mining beam. He put the ship on cruise control, gor up and dropped his shit. I then proceeded to take gear, let him go on his way and hijacked the Pisces (guess he was using it as storage because it was full of boxes with the ramp down. I proceeded to launch and bid him farewell.
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Re: Tales from the Verse

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Mar 2023 16:24 ... &context=3

StaySaltyMyFriends wrote:During JT, a newbie wandered into the fray and was subsequently shot. The funny part is my org had like 15 people there patrolling while our koggies loaded the drugs and he just innocently made his way past us all. He comes up to the complex and eats a few bullets and falls right in front of the door. We then proceeded to used him as a door stop for the next hour while keeping him on the verge of life with drugs. The dude thought it was hilarious. We ended up inviting him to our Org and gave him the honorary title of Doorstopp as a role.
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