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Unread postby icycalm » 12 Mar 2023 02:54

In this thread we’ll be discussing, designing and updating our makeshift base that I talked about here:

Topics to discuss are location, vehicles used, vehicle layout, gear, supplies etc.

Location will be one of the earliest concerns, and it will involve us exploring as much of the Stanton system as possible to find a cool location. This will give us a great reason to jump into exploration-specialist vehicles and take our time navigating Stanton’s furthest reaches (including with ground vehicles which are seldom used): locations that we otherwise wouldn’t have reason to visit. And, of course, next year we’ll do it all again in the Pyro system.

We can discuss the location here freely and post pics because Insomnia visitors won’t know the server shard we are on. As server meshing comes online and more systems are added in the years ahead—and therefore the game gets closer to being single-shard—we’ll have to take this discussion to a private Discord channel (hidden from general visitors within the Star Citizen category; the upcoming Cult Base channel), but for the next couple of years at least we can post pics in this thread without problems.

First order of business is to decide between planets or moons. Then to pick the specific planet or moon. And finally the location.

Unfortunately it can’t be next to a river, because there are only 40 of them, and people will frequent them. And of course it can’t be anywhere near a POI. It has to be in the middle of fucking nowhere, but I would like it to be at least in a place with cool features and views. The inside of a crater, with say Ballistas and Centurions posted on the crater sides themselves seems like a cool place to me. Basically we need pictures of candidate locations.

If we do manage to set up something cool and take cool pics, I could take the pics and show them around to orgs and see if they want to settle near us, so we could take over an extended area and watch each other’s shit. With enough orgs and people involved we could have 24-hour security, and we could do Jumptowns together to make money for more hardware. It’d be a great way to filter orgs for ones we are compatible with and run combined operations NATO-style with a view to full-on org wars in Pyro next year and beyond.
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