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Unread postby icycalm » 21 Aug 2018 11:36

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longdi wrote:Considering that the rtx2080ti is the almost full quadro gpu, with tensors, rt and tips cores, that is a beast. 700mm2 in size.

AMD doesn't seem to have engineered anything close to this, as far as leaks go. Doesn't bode well for next gen console gaming.

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Dontero wrote:I don't think AMD cares what Nvidia does at this point. They basically hold 90% of gaming market in their hands and whatever custom silicon they will came up with has possibility of really fucking hurting Nvidia in gaming sphere.

Nvidia really made a fucking huge mistake when they lost both major consoles to AMD.

Imagine for a second that AMD gets their own PsyhX and they dedicate part of silicon for it. Since they control both consoles it means 90% of developers in the world will make their games completely use it. Which in turn means that almost every PC game later will look like shit on Nvidia GPUs becausae they can't run it and some will not even be playable on Nvidia because developers choose to use physics as one of main designs behind game or various gameplay elements rely on it.

That is why i said Nvidia made a huge fucking mistake because company that has both best selling consoles will decide what games will use or not. Any custom silicon that manufacturer puts into consoles will be instantly used as a norm among game creators. If Nvidia would hold both consoles then we could have raytracing additions of RTX as standard for next gen.

We just don't know what AMD is cooking yet. IMHO it will be physics.
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