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Unread postby icycalm » 18 May 2018 15:57

This is pretty cool. Found out about it via Frostpunk dev update: ... 6042528994

Rufus Blackwood wrote:Added feature: AlienFX.
Working with Alienware, we've added new feature to our game - which should brighten up Frostpunk's dark atmoshpere a bit. If you're using compatible hardware:

  • Your keyboard's backlight colours will change depending on the current temperature in your city. And let's just say: if you see some purple lights - better fire up that Generator overdrive.
  • Weather warnings - when the temperature rises or drops - your keyboard will let you know about it, pulsating with coresponding colours.

Official sites: ... e/AlienFX/ (with list of compatible games)

JasonAlienware wrote:Alienware works closely with game developers to integrate AlienFX into top gaming titles like Mafia III, Civilization VI and Shadow Warrior 2. We are excited to announce that AlienFX is now integrated into 167 (and counting!) game titles and applications.

I actually have two Roccat mice and a keyboard. It's a cool brand from Germany. I don't have anything by Alienwate, but I will look into preferring them for future purchases.
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