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Ray tracing

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Ray tracing

Unread postby icycalm » 19 Aug 2018 08:38

Ray tracing in VR will be the biggest breakthrough for VR. ... r.1464757/

Aintitcool wrote:After watching the new Nvidia Siggraph conference I finally see how VR could really be the future. Ofcourse we are still very far from that at 120Hz. So maybe in 20 years.

MultiCore wrote:Ray tracing is what gaming is waiting for too. Any rendering path that wants realism wants ray tracing.
It fixes so much so in one fell swoop. Shadows, reflections, caustics, ambient occlusion, godrays...

But yeah, there's a reason pro rendering takes minutes per frame, and as quality improves even as hardware performance improves, render times are as long as you're willing to tolerate.

DarthBuzzer wrote:VR actually has an extreme advantage with ray-tracing. Since we're not far off from eye-tracked foveated rendering, details in VR will only need to be accounted for in your fovea. Resolution is the first one, when you cut back 90% of the pixels, your GPU performance goes up by 10x (obviously dependent on pixel shader optimization but 10x should be fairly common in a few years) which will eventually climb to 15x or maybe higher since the gains increased with higher FoV.

But this can be used for raytracing too, by reducing the number of ray samples dramatically and only paying the cost for rays in the fovea region. The gains will be around the same again, making it 10-15x easier on the GPU to do raytracing for VR.

We're going to switch from VR being harder to render today to VR being much easier to render.
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Unread postby JC Denton » 11 Jan 2020 02:56

If you're not yet sold on ray tracing, watch this video.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood | RTX Launch Trailer

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