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Google Project Stream

Unread postby Angels » 22 Oct 2018 08:36

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legendaryskitch wrote:I got my beta key for Project Stream yesterday. Played a bit of Assassin's Creed Odyssey on my old laptop (about 5 years old) over Wi-Fi (150-200 Mbps via Wireless N if anyone was curious) with no issues. I did notice some weird shifting in the FPS like it wasn't quite 60 FPS but it felt too smooth to be 30 FPS. Hard to tell if it is better than GeForce NOW (another beta I have...) but my gut says GeForce NOW is better but don't quote me on that until I get more testing in.

They even took out all of the video options so it feels just like playing on a console. Had no issues recognizing my PS4 controller connected via Bluetooth and even gave me the correct button icons (which a lot of PC games don't do...)

As a whole it seems to function well, haven't really gotten to play much. Only about 30 minutes so far. Definitely want to play more soon. I see that Google doesn't say anything about minimum specs for hardware which just means it's going to be time to test that out. Currently charging up my old dirt cheap Windows 10 tablet with an Intel Atom in it to see how it actually works with that PoS. It would be kind of awesome if it does since the tablet has a great screen and terrible everything else

The Shadow guys must be sweating...
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Unread postby icycalm » 22 Oct 2018 15:16

If they've gone as far as to wipe the graphics settings from the game, the service is shit compared to Shadow. It's already shit when you can't use your Steam account with it and it expects you to start a whole other library there, or pick from their slim offerings; but when you dumb down the customization that's the entire point of owning a PC besides the massive library, you defeat the entire point of trying to replace your PC with streaming.

Google's thing is crap; NEXT!
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