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Turning SP turn-based games into MP via screensharing

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Turning SP turn-based games into MP via screensharing

Unread postby icycalm » 17 Jun 2021 10:43

I was just googling around to see if anyone had made co-op mods for Owlcat’s Pathfinder games and the answer is no. Apparently it’s hard to do because there’s no netcode in the games at all so it’s hard or impossible to mod in. However, I did come across this: ... nt/eeuyozj

supmua wrote:I’ve been playing coop with a friend via TeamViewer. Basically it’s screensharing app similar to NVIDIA screenshare tech. Set auto pause to end of each round or whatever you like, everyone makes their moves then unpause. This pretty much works with everything, XCOM, POE, Wasteland, etc as long as it is not a fast action game.

These days I don’t recommend anyone bother playing isometric CRPGs in co-op because it’s a giant waste of time when you could be playing real D&D via VTTs instead, and I especially don’t recommend you play adaptations of TTRPG material like the Pathfinder games when you could be playing their VTT versions instead. However, for those who have definitively decided they will never play real D&D, the above option is the best for you and totally worth the effort. It’s the closest you can get to D&D.

For people playing in my Battlegrounds I recommend playing isometric WRPGs on your own at times when we just can’t schedule real D&D for some reason (like the past few months for example). However, when it comes to official adaptations like the Pathfinder games, I recommend not playing those at all until they’ve been unlocked in Battlegrounds and some group has finished them. That still leaves a lot of material for you to play right now if you want. I should make a list of it. The Original Sin games come easily to mind, as does the entire Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale series, and also Torment, and many others.

Off the top of my head, the adapted official adventures you should stay away from until it is unlocked and played in Battlegrounds are as follows:

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Pathfinder: Kingmaker
The Temple of Elemental Evil
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Pool of Radiance

Unfortunately, these also tend to be the best lol. The rest have terrible plots, with Torment being the exception because it was written by TTRPG folk, not programmers.
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