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Insomnia Clan Wars #23

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Insomnia Clan Wars #23

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Dec 2020 07:49

Clan Wars #23 starts Saturday December 26 at 3 PM UTC, i.e. about eight hours from now.

Clan Wars #23 system: ... wars-2.pas


We have a two-planet system for this week, with an inner lava planet and an outer ice-water planet, plus a moon orbiting the outer planet.




The planets are both 1,000 radius: the largest ever featured in a Clan War. In the old Clan Wars, I never went above 850, because the server would lag hard. This time we are TRYING to make the server lag, so we'll see how it's going to deal with TWO giant planets. And the moon isn't a slouch either: 500 is pretty big for a moon.

As for metal, I've gone conservative: 50 spots in each planet, and another 20 on the moon.

Only the two planets are spawnable, but they are spawnable everywhere. The moon you have to fly to.

Everything is smashable, with the planets requiring 10 thrusters, and the moon 5.

Lots of lava on the lava planet to encourage Drifter use, and lots of water on the icy planet, to encourage epic naval engagements. And of course, there'll be heavy land fighting on the lava planet, plus the moon.

See you on the battlefield, commanders!
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