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[PC] [PS4] God Eater 3

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[PC] [PS4] God Eater 3

Unread postby ChevRage » 12 Oct 2017 19:25

Announcement Trailer:

Leading videogame publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. announces that it will be bringing GOD EATER 3, the latest iteration of its popular monster-slaying Action RPG series, to the Americas for home consoles. Team up with other God Eaters equipped with the latest God Arc weapons to take down monstrous new Aragami tearing apart locations around the globe.

Earth no longer resembles the home we know of now. The Aragami, terrifying beasts that live only to consume, are carving a path of destruction and misery wherever they are encountered. To combat this threat an elite group of heroes known as God Eaters are called upon to save humanity. God Eaters are individuals who have been bestowed upon them the ability to wield powerful new God Arcs, special weapons powered by Oracle Cells and the only known weapons capable of destroying the monstrous Aragami. However, another mission is coming into focus; something is happening to the God Eaters and the line between light and dark has never been so thin. It’s time to start breaking free from the cursed shackles that bind the souls of the God Eaters as the battle rages on around them.
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Unread postby Mike T. » 12 Oct 2018 16:39

God Eater 3 has eight-player co-op Assault Missions ... t-missions

Sal Romano wrote:An Assault Subjugation Mission is a mission in which eight randomly matched players (which can be supplemented by NPCs when there is not enough players) take on a strong enemy within a five-minute time limit. While the level of difficulty is seemingly quite high, it is possible to receive rewards even if you fail.

An Assault Subjugation Mission will be playable in the newly released action demo during its last two days of operation—October 20 and 21.

Outside of the new multiplayer element, Bandai Namco also debuted the key visual that will be used on the game’s box art in Japan.

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Unread postby Angels » 12 Oct 2018 22:54

Eight-Player Assault Missions Gameplay

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