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[PC] [MAC] Flynn: Son of Crimson

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[PC] [MAC] Flynn: Son of Crimson

Unread postby icycalm » 16 Aug 2018 12:20 ... f_Crimson/

Steam wrote:Traverse a beautifully hand crafted world and unearth the mysteries of a dark past in this fast paced 2D action platformer with metroidvania elements.

The director of this has superb taste and knows how to pick his people. Watch the trailer.

Kickstarter trailer

The art is fantastic (because it's done by a Thai person; the rest of the team is from California I think). I mean look at all this stuff: ... n-platform

I really want to see the game with scanlines, and the music is great too.

Too bad this is yet another metroidvania, but let's not ask for too much. If it's a good metroidvania, we might have a game to equal Hollow Knight, which would be amazing coming as close after it as it does. Looking at the team's past games, and how they have improved by leaps and bounds since then, I am wetting my pants at the idea of what they'll do for their next game. Let's hope they stick to the genre and don't go off trying other random things.

And notice how the Steam description says "hand-crafted world"? Normally I'd be hoping for this to be a huge success and put proper levels in fashion again, but it seems "indie" players are attracted to ugliness, so I fear this will sell mildly and be overlooked.
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