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[PC] Heat

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[PC] Heat

Unread postby Hanged Man » 08 Jan 2019 22:15

A new multiplayer survival/crafting game from CodeHatch, creators of StarForge and Reign of Kings.







Steam wrote:Welcome to America.

Survive the wilderness, establish yourself, meet someone special, raise a family, and dominate. Gain power as President, deliver justice as Sheriff, fight for your tribe as Chief, or show some southern hospitality as Governor.

It's the turn of the century on the American homestead. Heat will give you the pioneer experience of struggle and triumph first-hand.

Go Forth and Multiply

Start a family with other players or NPCs. During the process of love making, the male will have a chance of making the female pregnant. Once pregnant, the female will birth a newborn. The newborn grows to become a baby, the baby then grows up to be a child, the child eventually becomes an adult.

A second option is to adopt from an orphanage by purchasing a baby basket in the shipping catalog. The baby will be inside the basket delivered to you. Adoption is very expensive, but provides a guaranteed outcome, whereas the first option may not reliably result in pregnancy due to the possibility for weak seed.

Your children are a mix of the visual DNA of the two parents. Babies, children, and adults will need to feed and stay hydrated (players lactate to breastfeed their newborns). If you fail to care for your children, the government will take them from you for mistreatment.

Beware of other players, as they can adopt your newborns, babies, and children as their own if you are not nearby (as they would be considered abandoned). So, keep them secret, keep them safe.

Once your kids become adults you can equip them with outfits, gear, and weapons. They can help protect you when you are online. However, other players may decide to capture and restrain your adult kin, so best keep them packing heat.

Seats of Power

As President, you own the Whitehouse, a section of land south of the monument, one intern, a golden gun, and two secret service NPCs. You also get to set and collect a President’s land tax. The Sheriff gets a deputy, and also some firepower to deliver justice. As Chief, you have a section of land, a grand tepee, and 3 warriors. The Governor gets the Cottonwood Plantation, plenty of farm seed, and 3 peons.

Stockpiles and Shipping Bin

We introduce a new concept in stockpiles. Heavy goods require physical space for storage, so while you can still store light goods in your small containers, wood, stone, ore, and other heavy materials must be stored in large stockpiles. This gives players a visual representation of their goods, and since stockpiles take up space, thought must also go into defending them. Each player also can craft a stash container which accepts a mix of light and heavy goods to help get them started, but these come with limited slots.

Players may also build shipping bins. These can be placed in your base and you may sell harvested, crafted, and farmed goods in them for in-game currency. Shipping bins also come with a catalog with which you may order items using your hard earned in-game currency.


There are 20 unique biomes in Heat spread out over a 67km2 world, each with its own sub-biomes to explore. We developed a unique way to create dense forest floors which requires players to clear the land in order to build. Explore vast and diverse landscapes ranging from the cold mountainous peaks to the tropical seashores, and from the harsh deserts to the muggy swamplands. Built from the roots up using real-world photogrammetric data, experience next generation graphics in both variety and detail.

Road Building

Build roads in the game or create pads around your base using the rake tool. Players may build roads using a variety of materials ranging from wood chips, dirt, sand, gravel, pavement and more. Players may also place freshly cut lawn for a well-kept look.

Farming and Cooking

Get farm-ready with the hoe, watering can, sprinklers, and scythe. Each tool has its own set of tiers, and there are a variety of crops that may be planted. Fertilizers are also an important consideration for the aspiring farmer.

Once your crops have matured, harvest them and bring them to the cooking stations in order to produce a wide range of food types. You may also decide to sell your crops in your shipping bin and buy more seed for your farming operation.

Building & Crafting

Construct your new home - From a quick hobo shack, a rustic cabin deep in the woods, a refined mansion, or a giant fortress. Craft and place walls, floors, doors, windows, furniture, and other fixtures individually by your own design. Process goods with sawmills, tanneries, smelters and other workstations. These materials will aid in crafting at various workstations and purchasing blueprints. Protect your establishment with well-placed cannons and strategically planned fortifications using massive rampart building sections.


Gather and hunt for food to keep yourself strong. Collect a variety of raw materials from nature for use in crafting, building and refinement. Once you have the basics of sticks and stones down, you may begin your journey towards establishing yourself as an industrious and powerful colony or even President of the United States.

There will be struggles and fallbacks along the way. Your character may be killed and robbed, where everything he or she has equipped is taken. Your property may be broken into and looted by a gang of raiders lead by other players. But with plenty of resources and defensive tactics at your disposal, raiders will be in for a serious fight.

Combat & Capture

On your adventures you'll encounter other players who may or may not be friendly. Likewise, you may not be so friendly either given these tactics at your disposal:

- Fill 'em full of lead with plenty of handguns, rifles, shotguns and other firearms to craft.
- Take the more silent approach with bows and javelins that will leave your foes looking like a pin cushion.
- Get up in their face with melee instruments, or beat them down with some good old blunt force.
- Capture, restrain, and put them into your interrogation dungeon with its various contraptions.
- Messily dismember with a well-placed strike or shotgun blast.
- Blow them to smithereens with artillery cannon fire and TNT.
- Experience the thrill of vigilante justice from either a first or third person perspective.

Character Customization

Choose your gender and tune your appearance to your liking, including variations in skin tone, height and girth, the shape of facial features, hair or lack thereof, and voice tone.

Mounts, Livestock & Wildlife

The landscape is populated by a variety of American wildlife, all of which can be hunted - assuming you are not hunted yourself. But they can also be tamed, whether as livestock or as a beloved pet. You may ride tamed horses, as well as other animals - even bears!

Heat Alpha Reveal:
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Unread postby icycalm » 09 Jan 2019 17:48

Steam says it's coming out "Jan 2019" on Early Access! I put it on the schedule. We're already almost halfway through the month. And we haven't even played Atlas yet lol. And LiF is getting a bigger map...

Here are some comments from Discord:

CULT|Hanged Man
Couldn't find any info about how many players each server is supposed to support or even if the servers are persistent.

It looks to me like it's co-op only, not versus co-op
I.e. PVE
If so, server size won't be an issue
I thought it was that Heat game based on the De Niro/Pacino movie that was touted some years back
"A second option is to adopt from an orphanage by purchasing a baby basket in the shipping catalog. The baby will be inside the basket delivered to you. Adoption is very expensive, but provides a guaranteed outcome, whereas the first option may not reliably result in pregnancy due to the possibility for weak seed."
"(players lactate to breastfeed their newborns)."
Sounds like SCUM 2
But yeah, I read more and it sounds like there is PVP too (edited)
So again, I think it sounds like SCUM
<100 players maximum, but if they have lots of NPCs here (which SCUM and even Rust lack), it might work
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Unread postby stakkir » 25 Jan 2019 01:45

They just announced it's coming to Early Access January 30th for $20. ... 3942582728


Looks like server size will be 32. A dev posted this in the forum:

Sir Fairnore wrote:Internally we got our networking up to 70 players in our tests. However, we set the server limits to 32 players because it allows us to support over 300 A.I spread out across the players. We have to guarantee each player can have X amount of A.I following them (controlled by players) using a party system this is in an effort to provide optimization stability for server/client fps when it comes to A.I. We plan to continue to optimize the A.I and hope this will lead to future increases in player counts. ... 8892322548
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Unread postby icycalm » 07 Feb 2019 13:59

stakkir has been playing and streaming this. His videos are here:

And his impressions from Discord:

@CULT|stakkir any impressions of Heat?

I like Heat so far, though all I did is run into the woods and build a cabin.
The early game is essentially Rust - it even has the same circular building menus.
There's a claim protection system and a trading economy that seem cool, but I haven't gotten to mess with them yet.
Character creation sucks since there's no default, so it takes a half hour just to try and fix the random character they give you

Thanks for the impressions
Heat looks good
I'd be interested to know the wipe schedule, if there is one
As far as I know, only Rust has a wipe schedule. All the other games wipe almost never, or whenever the server owner randomly decides to
Which means that you can never start at a fresh wipe, which means that with such small pop sizes that other games have, you are always going into a server severely underpowered

No wipe schedule yet. Their last game, Reign of Kings was wiped monthly.
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