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Unread postby JC Denton » 28 Jan 2019 01:50

Baf-V wrote:Hoa is a platform-adventure game featuring beautiful hand-painted art and a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The game follows the main character, Hoa, as she discover her own story on a journey through a breathtaking and magical world back to her homeland.


This is a sidescrolling platformer that has some nice background art and animation (though the protagonist is crap), but I don't have much faith in it because the dev seems quite stupid. He has set up his site in such a way that you can't link any of his media. The videos are auto-playing embeds that he hasn't uploaded to YouTube, and the screenshots show you a copyright icon when you try to get their address and link to them. Never seen such foolishness in my entire life. The image I linked must have been painstakingly ripped by someone from the dude's site and posted on Imgur.

It's worth visiting his site to see what I am talking about.

He did put this video up on YT about a month ago, but it doesn't feature any platforming, it's just a 37-second background scroll:

It is beautiful though, and the guy is not Western, he is from Singapore, so this is worth keeping an eye on.
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