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[PC] [PS4] [SW] Warsaw

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[PC] [PS4] [SW] Warsaw

Unread postby recoil » 03 Mar 2019 13:31


Pixelated Milk wrote:OWN THE CITY
Use everything at your disposal to help a team of accidental heroes survive the onslaught in their home city and overcome tremendous odds stacked against them.

Embarking on missions of varying difficulty take on the Nazi oppressors from the confines of your unit’s hideout. Draft heroes from every field of life – young and old, men and women, soldiers and civilians and stand your ground against the enemy that took away their homes and families.

-Turn-based tactical rpg with characters of varying classes, and with skill and resource management in immersive WW2 setting
-A deep tactical combat system with multitude of complementing skills, weapons and character abilities
-Character stories and backgrounds delivered through gameplay as well as numerous historical and fictional events happening under specific game’s circumstances
-Incredible replay value due to non-linear gameplay

Command squads with recruits of Underground Army, scouts, survived civilians, criminals and accidental allies, in their heroic dash to regain control of the city. As a member of Secret Army stand up to your duty and attempt to fullfill orders by setting out on patrols, combat missions and special assignments. Negotiate with encountered individuals and teams to join your forces. Wipe out enemy patrols, realize orders and attempt to salvage any supplies you can find.

Fight against overwhelming Nazi forces using skills, smarts, and urban warfare tactics as your only means of opposing the ruthless and well-armed units of the enemy. Engage in relentless battles in turn-based combat, using cover, flanking and complementing skills to get the upper hand. Leverage your heroes’ unique attributes in fighting the enemy.

Retrieve weapons, ammunition and collect resources as you explore the ruined streets. Familiarise with a wide range of historically-accurate weapons, uniforms and items, to adequately equip insurgents for their scouts. Manage your unit with required supplies to provide for all of their needs.

Fall back to shelter after the fight, regroup, heal and restock your team members. Keep developing the heroes’ skills and attributes while you plan for the next move.






The game looks fantastic and heavily influenced by Darkest Dungeon. We'll have to get this one out to Some guy on the forum to try out since he's played a lot of Darkest Dungeon and tried out Deep Sky Derelicts. Definitely check out the trailer, it's well made.

Exclusive Official Announcement Trailer:

Q3 2019.
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Unread postby Dead Man Talking » 02 Jul 2019 21:29

A solid release date has just been announced for this: September 4, a day after Phoenix Point... Game looks good enough, but PP is on a whole other level, and they are in the same genre more or less, so not sure how wise this move was...

WWII Tactical RPG | PC Release Date Trailer:

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★★ Warsaw (2019, PC)

Unread postby Insomnia » 19 Oct 2019 17:56

Review (2/5):


Insomnia wrote:Random perks, random characters with no story development (no story at all) and random quest that repeats itself.
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