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Plagiarize This

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Plagiarize This

Unread postby icycalm » 23 Apr 2017 22:05

Name of an upcoming essay.

Here is what I mean:

Anonymous wrote:>Japanese games are no more numerous in past decades than in this one, and pretty much none of them are at the genre-creating level of creativity that the best Western designers operate on. The Japanese have never been innovators, but they are the best damn students and copiers and refiners around, and this hasn't changed since the beginning of the artform (the very latest example being the GTA Zelda, which is basically a GTA ripoff for kids — and a great ripoff, at that, which is why there's no reason for us to use such nasty words like ripoff, and which I am only using here to drive home the fact that innovation, by and large, happens in the West and refinement in Japan).


Would it have been so hard to include a link back to the page you got this from? Hundreds of people would have had a chance to learn a shitload more things this way.

And this guy isn't even the worst, because at least he makes it obvious that he's quoting someone. The worst are far, FAR worse than this.

This, for example, is worse: ... t234416115

Tain wrote:Regarding the "game starts after the first playthrough" thing: I've been vocal about this before, but in an ideal world it would be possible to do a singular playthrough of Bayonetta that hit all the heights offered by all the difficulty levels. We can talk about why this doesn't happen (budgetary reasons, a sizable chunk of the audience not being interested in the challenge, etc), but if there's mechanical complexity that makes the experience more enjoyable, I would like that to be closely linked to the aesthetic progression of the game (the advancement of the plot, the introduction of new enemies, new areas, etc).

So going from there, I see "for score" versus "for survival" in arcade games (or games like Bayonetta, even, because Bayonetta certainly isn't an arcade-styled game) in a similar light: survival is where the aesthetics and mechanics tie closest together. You aren't fighting for a higher number to compare with out-of-world people, but instead overpowering a boss, the glimpse of a new stage, etc.

Of course, scoring mechanics absolutely can improve games and often do. If only those mechanics, like the harder difficulty levels of Bayonetta, could be more deeply connected to the game's aesthetic progression!

This is Tain, long-time Insomia reader and subscriber, and look at what he's doing: this is plagiarism pure and simple. Though not quite as bad as the peeps who do this in articles and personal websites, it's still plagiarism.

So STOP FUCKING PLAGIARIZING ME YOU GODDAMN SUBHUMAN FAGOTS! Be a fucking MAN and be proud of your teachers and give the people you find worthwhile enough to engage in conversation with them the chance to learn from the same teachers you did by FUCKING PROPERLY REFERENCING THEM. And if you are afraid of being banned or shunned for properly referencing your teachers YOU SHOULDN'T BE ENGAGING IN DISCUSSIONS WITH SUCH PEOPLE OR PATRONIZING THE PLACES WHERE SUCH PEOPLE HANG OUT.

Fucking subhumans.
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