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No Mercy For The Effeminate Nerdy Videogame Mob

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No Mercy For The Effeminate Nerdy Videogame Mob

Unread postby Discord BOT » 09 Jun 2019 11:06



He not only deleted his Patreon pledge after this, but even left the Discord server lol
And of course he comes from the Learn to Counter site and is friends with that other child-fagot, DJ Orwell
They have no conception at all of what it means to be a man who has work to do
All their communication essentially consists of womanish nagging
In short, if you’re a woman leave me the fuck alone to do my work, and even better leave the fucking server
They are so weak, effeminate and downright socially retarded that they can’t even discuss a boss fight in a videogame without bringing social status into it somehow
And even THEN they wildly miscalculate
For he is wrong both on the technical point about the game under discussion, AND on the subject of my status in this server and in the gaming community in general
Wrong on all counts PLUS a fagot
No wonder he has to spend most of his time on Discord lurking invisibly because he gets anxiety from the mere fact of people knowing he is online lol
He actually admitted to this a few months back
Total waste of organic matter
I know I am losing supporters by putting this nerdy mob in its place, but the only way to please these wretches, ultimately, is to become like them, thereby destroying my site and all my work, so fuck that, and fuck them
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