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Unread postby icycalm » 13 Dec 2019 19:40


I am finally about ready to post my Videogame Art: Pool of Radiance (1988) essay. Among the many things I will explain there is the reason Western 2D CRPGs are such great games with so much character (Gold Box series, BioWare and Black Isle series, plus all their modern imitators), while the 3D games are such piles of steamy, ugly, bland and boring shite (The Elder Scrolls etc.)

If you think you know the reason, post it here in advance and pat yourself on the back when you see you've got it right when my essay goes up. I think it requires a massive understanding of the genre and its history and how it was derived from and related to the tabletop world, plus a shitload of intelligence, to get it right. If you are smart but don't have the knowledge, or if you have the knowledge but aren't too bright, you don't stand a chance to get it right. So if you feel like a little challenge, think about it and post here what you come up with.
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